Dump/Flash Files of China Receivers Free Download

Dump/Flash Files of China Digital Satellite Receivers

Dump/Flash Files. A dump file or Flash file is a boot information data with software/program of an electronic device which is located at EEPROM or Flash IC or Memory IC of that device. The main processor/Microcontroller retrieves the information from memory ic when it is powered on to know how to work/boot.

Dump/Flash Files

If the Flash IC/Memory IC is damaged for any reason or Its program/firmware is corrupt due to any reason then the Main controller does not get any boot/basic information and the device does not turn on. In this situation, we need to reprogram the flash ic with the matched hardware dump/flash file to get the device in normal condition. The dump file can be loaded by a Loader Tool or with a Programming Tool.

Dump/Flash Files

Here are some china satellite receiver’s Dump/Flash files for free download:


S.No.Dump File NameDownload Link
1Dump OST-GX6605-AV2018-V02 with Loader ToolDownload
2Dump Gx6605s-5815-V4.1Download
3Dump AZ SANY DVB-S2 S2S NS132-M01-V2.0(S2)Download
4Dump NEOSAT 550HD SUPER SPHE1506G-V1.9Download
5Dump EL-8888HD sphe1506g v1.9 4mbDownload
6Dump SP210-1506C-V3.6-EL_8mbDownload
7Dump Openbox X33 Sp210 1506C v3.6Download
8Dump Neosat-9900_ HD sphe1506g-v1.6Download
9Dump NEOSAT-660D 1506C-AV2018Download
10Dump Echolink-8880_GX6605sDownload
11Dump ECHOLINK-990D_SIM_8MBDownload
12Dump PROTOCOL-1506C DDR2 DC+ RF_4MBDownload
13Dump Samtel 4000 GalaxyDownload
14Dump Samtel-6000HDDownload
15Dump SAMTEL 7000 Galaxy_MPEG4_M3105D AV2012Download
16Dump Samtel-8000 PlusDownload
17Dump_ SAMTEL_ 9000_3D_HD_WIFIDownload
18Dump Samtel ST- 2080_FTADownload
19Dump SAMTEL ST- 2800_ FTADownload
20Dump SAMTEL ST-2666 s5815 SDownload
21Dump Samtel SL999_ALI3601SDownload
22Dump Samtel SL1100_ALI3601SDownload
23Dump Samtel_HS1024_3001Download
24Dump Tiger O5 HD_BOARD HS1032-6001-01(B)Download
25Dump Neosat 550 HD SHG51Ver3.0Download
26Dump 1506C-DDR2.AV2018.V1.6Download
27Dump 1506C_DDR2_AV2018_V1.7Download
28Dump ALI3510A sw FTA200DELUXHD_2 WIFIDownload
29Dump ALI3510A sw FTA200DELUXHD_2 Without WIFIDownload
30Dump OST-GX6605-P53B 4mbDownload
31Dump Sat Track_Aero_Plus 4mbDownload
32Dump FIVE SAT GALAXY 6000HD MPEG4 Model GN428Download
33Dump OST S1506C 2018 D2 V1.4 8mbDownload
34Dump gxss1b ver3.1 4mbDownload
35Dump Sat Track Click 1 Plus 4mbDownload
36Dump Echolink HD SIM EL-10000 8MbDownload
37Dump 3510c Hw 102.02.999Download
38Dump Echolink Bluecam EL-70D GX6605SDownload
39Dump Star track- 750 HD Platinium Download
40Star Track-7000 Super RF Pin MPEG4_ M3105D_AV2018Download
41Dump Star Trek-1818 HW_S-N323D.MDownload
42Dump Sat Track Aero Plus 4MbDownload
43Dump Startrek SR-9990 Magic 1506GDownload
44Dump Echolink EL-999 Ultra Plus MPEG4Download
45Dump Echolink EL-766 GX6605S_5815_V4.1Download
46Dump Echolink 2015_GX6605-AV2018Download
47Dump Echolink 9090_1506c 4MbDownload
48Dump Echolink 2000 RF Pin MPEG4 3105D-AV2018Download
49Dump Neosat 9999 MPEG4Download
50Dump NEOSAT SX8888 HD ALI 3510C S15073Download
51Dump Echostar ES- 9090_MPEG4 M3105D 2018-GSR-GN427_V2.0Download
52Dump ALI3510C- Pink MenuDownload
53Dump ALI3510C-S15073(160429) GIGA 25Q32Download
54Dump V5530_U35_102.02.028Download
55Dump Geosat_Jasper ALI3510C_HW102.02.033_V5312Download
56Dump V5312_2018-01-17ALI3510C_HW102.02.033Download
57Dump V5685_U22_ALI3510C_HW102.02.999Download
58Dump code-2468-U29_ALI3510C_4044.5480.998Download
59Dump GALAXY AC DC 3G WIFI MPEG4 HS1071-H66-01(B)Download
60Dump Lope 908 HD PlusDownload
61Dump Digibox BD111 UltraDownload
62Dump Echolink 6565 SuperDownload
63Dump Echolink 9911 Blue ALI3510cDownload
64Dump Echolink EL-6666 HD 30016000-v3.0Download
65Dump Echostar ES-6116 Plus 25Q32Download
66Dump Haier OST-HI2610A2-AV2018-V03 MPEG4Download
67Dump HD WORLD F-6000+Download
68Dump MBC Cabel Box 25Q64Download
69Dump NEO SAT NS-8100 S-HN4805-V1.2Download
70Dump S-HN4801-V2.0Download
71Dump STARMAX SR-222 MPEG4 HAIER OST-HI2610A2-AV2018-VO2Download
72Dump Star-x x1 hnt260s1-c 4MbDownload
73Dump VIZIO 999HD GD25Q32 (3510-RDA5815M-S13136)Download
74Dump 8899 newsat9990 plus 880d+ 2000 zipper 12VDownload
75Dump Echloink Zipper 2000 HSP06C0S4-B 25L3205DDownload
76Dump Echolink EL-880D PlusDownload
77Dump HMS051S 25.4.18 4MbDownload
78Dump HW_ HSP06c0S4-B 4MbDownload
80Dump NEWSAT 9990 PLUS 2017 HDDownload
81Dump S-HN4907-V1.0 12.05.2016 4MbDownload
82Dump SUPER GOLDEN++ 2016 ACDC 12V HDDownload
83Dump SUPERGOLDEN++FULL-HSP06C0S4-B-20150918Download
84Dump GALAXY FULL HDDownload
85Dump HMS050S2-C 4MbDownload
86Dump Echolink 2000 Sim Box 4MbDownload
87Dump Echolink EL-7110 PlusDownload
88Dump Echolink EL-8811Download
89Dump ECHOLINK I 5000 AC.DC SIMDownload
90Dump M03G-BSP1506c-DSZ-V1.0-PCBDownload
91Dump NATE 666HD Clone Model dz03-2ahs63 w25q32Download
92Dump Neosat 555HD ALI3601S-AV012Download
93Dump Neosat 1600 super plus ALI3329C FTADownload
94Dump Neosat i5000Download
95Dump OK SONY make.believe HMS050S2-CDownload
96Dump Starterk 2020 Hybird-GXSS1B_Ver3.0Download
97Dump Startrack 8880Download
98Dump Startrack Extreme 1506 Chipset 8MbDownload
100NEOSAT 9900 TITANIUM MPEG4,, M3105-AV2018-S13079Download
101Dump 1506 T AERO IIDownload
102Dump 1506F_SCB4_4MbDownload
103Dump Aero1 New Model Access CcontoralDownload
104Dump ALI3329C_galaxy_fta_xbox_led_emu_1.4.62Download
105Dump ALI3510DDownload
106Dump Ao-SO6T-B501_sunplus_1506F_1506T_svn112Download
107Dump AZFOX_S2 4MbDownload
108Dump Coronet_Gx6605S 4MBDownload
109Dump DANSAT 992 MINI HD FTADownload
110Dump Dansat DSR990 HD(M3601S_M03_V1.7)Download
111Dump Digibox_BD111 UltraDownload
112Dump Echolink 2016 Full HD Sytem Info Gx6605_S01_V1.5_20140716Download
113Dump Echolink 3000 SIM BoxDownload
114Dump Echolink EL-880 SP210-1506-3 8MbDownload
115Dump Echolink EL-999HD ALI3510C-S15073Download
116Dump AZSANY_S2 4MbDownload
117Dump Diamond DM800HD 4MbDownload
118Dump DigiSat 999 3329 D1 5815M FTADownload
119Dump DYNASAT RK-111 GX6101D-Y001 RDA 5812 6PINDownload
120Dump Echolink 999 FTA China with Loader ToolDownload
121Dump Echolink 1777 FTA China with Loader ToolDownload
122Dump ECHOLINK EL-1777FTA M3328F C1 AV2020Download
123Dump Echolink El7000 1506g Sim BoxDownload
124Dump ECHOLINK- i5000 HD SIM BOX 4MbDownload
125Dump ECHOLINK KST 770 HD SIM BOXDownload
126Dump Echolink_EL888 FTA Classic_29C_012110Download
127Dump Echolink_EL-7333 OST S 1506C 2012 D2 V1.4Download
128Dump ECHOSTAR 9090 3105DDownload
129Dump Echostar m3105d-av2012Download
130Dump flash_N3.32_samtel_wifiDownload
131Dump Echolink-EL-888D-SP210-1506C-3.6-GD25Q64_20170919Download
132Dump EL-6868 v1.0 s1506 2018 d2 G25q32Download
133Dump Esat China ALI3329 D1 Signal IC 5815Download
134Dump EUROSTAR_ EB9700+_3329C1 S 5812 FTADownload
135Dump flash_N3.32_samtel_wifiDownload
136Dump Fretek F-7100HD 4MbDownload
137Dump FTA_EL700-Super-888-777 FTA SuperDownload
138Dump Globalsat 888 4MbDownload
139Dump GSR-GN410-V1.4Download
140Dump Gx6605 PAGARIYA New 4MbDownload
141Dump gx6605s_Alphabox_4M_v3.1_180726Download
142Dump NEOSAT 6000 BOOM ALI 3510CDownload
143Dump Neosat Goto OS700C4Download
144Dump Neosat GX-30D Neosat Mini HD 170111Download
145Dump NEWMAX NM-771 HD 25Q32B HMS160S7Download
147Dump Newsat 5050 HD FTADownload
148Dump Openbox x24 6141 8MbDownload
149Dump Pagaria 5050 4MbDownload
150Dump Pagaria 6060 4MbDownload
151Dump Solid 6363 4MbDownload
152Dump SOLID HDS2-6024 8MbDownload
153Dump SOLID HDS2-6069 power vuDownload
154Dump SOLID HDS2-6105 8MbDownload
155Dump SOLID-6141 8MbDownload
156Dump Startrack sr-9990hd HW.DK-V1.01 SPHE1506C_DDR3 BOX V1.3Download
157Dump Startrack srt 9292 GoldDownload
158Dump STRONG SRT-3922 8MbDownload
159Dump_ ALI3510C_ HW- 102.02.999Download
161Dump_EL888_ FTA_Super Plus_29C_030211Download
162Dump_STAR-X 98_V1.09.11098_06-01-2014Download
Dump 8mb GOTO 1506c 2018 d2 v1.1Download
165Dump 1506t EL880DDownload
166Dump gx6605s v1.1 2017.05.11Download
167Dump Neosat 750M- OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02Download
168Dump Startrack-WIFI 9990 MAGIC 2018Download
169Dump SUPER GOLDEN LAZER 8899Download
170Dump UNIVERSAL AERO1 CLASIC 3LINE 5815 4.1vDownload
171Dump Neoset NS-60D aspire (GXSS1B_Ver3.1)Download
172Dump Newsat 001 ExcellentDownload
173Dump NEWSAT 2000 Sim 1506 4MbDownload
174Dump Newsat ns 10000 sim 8MbDownload
175Dump Newsat-i 100+Download
176Dump EN 1001 3329 C1 RDA5815S Big chipDownload
177Dump FOCUS FS 900--3328F AV2020Download
178Dump FORTEC STAR ALI 3329 D1 (2)Download
179Dump Neosat 2010 pro sytem Info3329 tuner 5812 with ToolDownload
180Dump NEOSAT SX1100 ALPHA 3328F-E5812Download
181Dump Pauxis px-2000Download
182Dump Skystar 1500 super plus 3328f C1-5812Download
183Dump SMART 5400 FTA 3329 D1 5839Download
184Dump STAR TRACK 3329 C1 S AV 2026 Black remte chinaDownload
185Dump STAR X SR-140Download
186Dump Starsat srt15 bord id 3329c s ic 5812Download
187Dump Startrack M3328F A1-5812Download
188Dump Startrack m3328f c1 av2020 bari garip walaDownload
189Dump Startrack Silver 3329 c1 LW10039Download
190Dump STARTRACK SR-140 plus 3328B1 AV2020Download
191Dump TRUMAN 250 V1 ALI3329C SIGNAL IC LW10039Download
192Dump wiz-tech-444 plus-3328fA1 AV2020Download
193Dump ECCO SUPER 786 BOOM BOOM HDDownload
194Dump ECHOLINK 01 HD 4MbDownload
195Dump Echolink dvbs2 s2sDownload
196Dump ECHOLINK-SN-500 4MbDownload
197Dump EL 1777 3329 c1 av2020Download
198Dump Gx 6605s Pink Menu Access control 2778 6303Download
199Dump GX6605 universal1_2Download
200Dump Gx6605s_4M_Getmecom_powervu_RDA5816s_171207 IRDownload
201Dump GX6605s-1.4-okDownload
202Dump Shine Star 2080ADownload
203Dump Tiger_hs1f_g450_v1.28b9_151020Download
204Dump 1506g 4MbDownload
205Dump 6033 Openbox X33Download
206Dump 6033 Power Vu (XCRUISER)Download
207Dump 6141 Xcruiser 500 Plus HDDownload
208Dump Echolink 1777 blue 3510c 4MbDownload
209Dump ECHOLINK EL766 With PhotosDownload
210Dump Echosat_M3_M4_ES2_20180720Download
211Dump EL-5410HD 1506C-DDR2-AV2018-1.4Download
212Dump EL-7100 HD USB_3602_V6Download
213Dump EL7100 HD_3602_V6_08102012Download
214Dump HD BOX 500S 4MbDownload
215Dump HDBOX_HB7000_DREDownload
216Dump HDS2-1740 - 16-11-2015Download
217Dump HDS2-9030-01-10-2013Download
218Dump Magnum_Jeff_iptv_MT7601_20170426Download
219Dump Neosat full hd ns 8200 bord id 1506c av2018 v1.0Download
220Dump Neosat 450 full hd vs3001_2Download
221Dump Neosat 460 HDDownload
222Dump NEOSAT 990HD SUPER S-HN4801V2.0 and LoaderDownload
223Dump Neosat 9700 Platinum M3105D AV2012 _S13076-j Pnl wire 5 Mp4Download
224Dump Neosat 9700 Platinum M3105D AV2012Download
225Dump NeoSat Solid HDS2- 6303Download
226Dump NEOSAT SPECTRA 4K 4MbDownload
227Dump NEOSAT_HYPERREBORN_osd13_1506G_512M4M_160729Download
228Dump Neosat-i 7500 hyper Sim BoxDownload
229Dump Openbox 5000 MetroDownload
230Dump pagaria 6060 ac3 audioDownload
231Dump PRIFIX 8000H vs3001_s01v1.2_150327 GD25Q32Download
232Dump Protocol.1506C-DDR2.AV2018.V1.6Download
233Dump ROM.BIN USB BOOT 1506gDownload
234Dump Samtel Small BoardDownload
235Dump Sat track Aero 25q64 8MbDownload
236Dump SAT TRACK AERO Plus HD 1506g_V1.0-OTPDownload
237Dump Sat track click plus 25q32Download
238Dump S-HN4801V2.0 Neosat I7000+LoaderDownload
239Dump solid 6033 ecolinkDownload
240Dump solid 6078 originalDownload
241Dump Solid 6363 and Alfabox 6363Download
242Dump Neosat-i7500 Hyper 1506c-DSZ-V1.0Download
243Dump Sat track Xtreme I Plus 25q32Download
244Dump Satbox 25q32Download
245Dump Solid hds2 3000Download
246Dump Solid hds2 9210Download
247Dump Solid hds2 9300Download
248Dump SOLID HDS2-9048 Firmware New RemoteDownload
249Dump sphe1506g v (1.6) 25q32 gigaDownload
250Dump Star track sr 5555HD 2MbDownload
251Dump star track st2015 hd 25q32 blue menuDownload
252Dump Star Trak Sr 9500X sphe1506g v (1.6) 25q32 gigaDownload
253Dump stark streak for 6141Download
254Dump StarTrack 140 HD M3618 V2018Download
255Dump startrack click plus S1506C 2018-D2 V1.3Download
256Dump Startrack Dream World WIFIDownload
257Dump startrack platinum dz03-2ahs63 4MbDownload
258Dump Startrack sr 150 MPEG4 ALi M3105DDownload
259Dump startrack SR-560 HD blue 3510cDownload
260Dump Startrack SRT 550 GOLD MAX_V1.09.19540_13062018Download
261Dump Echolink EL-2015 TestedDownload
262Dump STARTRCK _2014_3510 -RD5815M-S13136Download
263Dump Startrek SR-9990 Magic dvbs-1506g-v1.0-OTPDownload
264Dump STC Cable TV Box 25Q128Download
265Dump Super Golden Lazer 8000 HDDownload
266Dump SUPER GOLD-Senator_9900Download
267Dump Super Star S.S 750 S1506C 2018-D2 V1.3Download
268Dump SX-6000_HD_8M__20160629Download
269Dump Tested OST-GX6605-2018-V02-DDR2Download
270Dump_ALI3606_9900 Hd Spectra1.6.62Download
273Dump Echolink 7333 Ost-hi 2610 A2-AV2018-V03Download
274Dump AL-101-VER2.1 20081203 2MB FTADownload
275Dump ALI3601_REV5.7_2 20120415 4MbDownload
276Dump DVB-S-2 MPEG-4 WIFI Full HDDownload
277Dump ECHOLINK 7171 hd ca wifi 3601_REV5.7_2Download
278Dump Echolink EL-7999HD 4MbDownload
279Dump Neoset 550HD Plus GX5S1-Ver4.0Download
280Dump Sim Mini Kit MM1 avl 1506t wjx v1.2Download
281Dump SR 2013 HD 3601_REV4.3_2 2012.02.13Download
282Dump Star Track 550D Super Plus FTADownload
283Dump Star Track 2017 HD PlatinumDownload
284Dump ZBGX6605SAV2018U002 2016Download
285Dump STAR TRACK 2300 HD 3601S AV012-S 1239Download
286Dump Champion 4000HD+startrackDownload
287Dump Clan STBDownload
288Dump Class HD Alpha MK III+Download
289Dump Echolinck EL-9000 PremierDownload
290Dump Echolinck Hyper 9999Download
291Dump Echolink 111 HD GSR.GN462-V2.0Download
292Dump Echolink el-7555 ExtraDownload
293Dump ECHOSTAR ES 5115 PLUS FULL HDDownload
294Dump ECOLINK EL5100 BRAVO HS1032Download
295Dump EL-1333 China FTADownload
296Dump e-sat HD-T20 MB_G60121_V1.2Download
297Dump Euromax EM999 HD S1506C 2018 D2 v1.3Download
298Dump neosat 550hd super ali3510a-s14064Download
299Dump NEOSAT 560D+ 4MbDownload
300Dump Neosat 2200hd ost-sp1506g v1.0Download
301Dump Neosat NS-2015HDDownload
302Dump Neoset 17000 S-HN4801V2.0Download
303Dump Neosut 888 AO-S06T B501 V1.0Download
304Dump Pagaria 6060Download
305Dump Samtel -111 2MbDownload
306Dump STAR TRAC H25 HDDownload
307Dump STAR TRACK SRT 150 GOLD HD_V1.09Download
308Dump STAR TRACK ST-6000 WIFI HDDownload
309Dump STAR TREK 6000Download
310Dump STARMAX 2020 MONSTARDownload
311Dump STARTEC_SRX9600_svn255_20170208Download
312Dump STARTRACK SRT 140 HD GSR_GN429_V2.0Download
313Dump Startrack 550D HD 1506 R12943-MJ2-svn1388Download
315Dump STARTRACK 5500 HD ALI3510Download
316Dump STARTRACK 8555 HD gsr-gn462-v2.0Download
317Dump Startrack srt-150 PlatinumDownload
318Dump _Ee.888.2020 1MbDownload
319Dump Ali3328F-C1 twinprotocol with Loader ToolDownload
320Dump E.888i FTA DPFALDownload
321Dump Echolink 1333 FTADownload
322Dump ECHOLINK 2020 FTADownload
323Dump Echolink EL-1444 FTA 1MbDownload
324Dump Echolink EL-1888 CHINA 1MbDownload
325Dump EL-333 MINI 1MbDownload
326Dump EL-350 FTA CHINADownload
327Dump EL-777 CHINA 1MbDownload
328Dump EL-777i FTA 1MbDownload
329Dump EL-888 CHINA 1MbDownload
330Dump EL-888i FTA China 1MbDownload
331Dump El999 FTA with Loader Tool 3329-C1Download
332Dump EL-1444 FTA CHINA 1MbDownload
333Dump EL-2888 FTA CHINA 1MbDownload
334Dump EL3030 CR USB_29E_V6_14112011 with Loader ToolDownload
335Dump EL-MINI CHINA 1MbDownload
336Dump Envisager EN-1001 FTADownload
337Dump Envisager EN-5050 FTADownload
338Dump NEOSAT 1600 CHINA 512KbDownload
339Dump Neosat 1888 China 1MbDownload
340Dump NEOSAT 2010 PRO 512KBDownload
341Dump Neosat platinum mini 1MbDownload
342Dump NEOSAT SX2010 CHINA 512KbDownload
343Dump Newsat 1600 SUPER 512KbDownload
344Dump Newsat 2010 512KbDownload
345Dump Pauxis -999 china 1MbDownload
346Dump SAMART 1777 1MbDownload
347Dump STAR SAT-500 Black Original 2MbDownload
348Dump STAR TRAC ST-2800 CHINA 1MbDownload
349Dump Star Track 150 no keyDownload
350Dump Star Track Millennium Plus+ (HI22610A2 AV2018 V03)Download
351Dump Star Track ST-160 FTA 512KBDownload
352Dump STARTRACK 2015 2016 Newsat 1MbDownload
353Dump Track Star 5000 4MbDownload
354Dump TRACK STAR 5000 Super Plus 4MbDownload
355Dump TRUMAN 250 V1 CHINA 1MbDownload
356Dump TRUMAN B1+ CHINA 1MbDownload
357Dump_ Echolink EL-888 2MbDownload
358Dump_DYNE 777 666 444 1MbDownload
359Dump_EL-2020 512KBDownload
360Dump_EUROMAX 777 2MbDownload
361Dump_GOLDVISION 1600LUX ALI M3328C with Loader ToolDownload
362Dump_Neosat 1100 2MbDownload
363Dump_SKYBOX_F1_HD_AutoRoll_Powervu_For Solid 6141Download
364Dump_star track 160 FTA 1MbDownload
365Dump_Star Track 170 ChinaDownload
366Dump_STAR TRACK ST 3300 SUPER 2MbDownload
367Dump_SUPERMAX 2040 SUPER PLUS 2MbDownload
368Dump_SUPERMAX 2090 SUPER PLUS 2MbDownload
369Dump_Trkack Star 200 SuperDownload
370Dump_Zeesat 555 FTA 1MbDownload
371Dump DIAMOND HD DM800Download
372Dump 8555 GSR-GN462_V2.0 4MbDownload
373Dump ali3510d-s17045 (180302)Download
374Dump CLASS HD 9000 X PLUSDownload
375Dump Echolinck EL-9000 PremierDownload
376Dump Echolink GSR-GN462_V2.0 V2018 5wire GD25Q32BDownload
377Dump Echolink 111 3510 4MbDownload
378Dump Echolink 206HDDownload
379Dump Echolink 770HDDownload
380Dump Echolink 888hd california_ALI3510C_HW102.02.999Download
381Dump ECHOLINK 3000HD+NEOSET 15000+STAR TREK 6000Download
382Dump Echolink 4100 4MbDownload
383Dump Echolink EL-707 Hd N323D.M WifiDownload
384Dump ECHOLINK EL-777 FTA 3328F-AV2020_V03Download
385Dump Echolink EL-860D and EL-880DDownload
386Dump Echolink EL-909 HD N323D.M Wifi 4MbDownload
387Dump Echolink EL-999i FTA 1MbDownload
388Dump Echolink EL-1010 FTA 512KBDownload
389Dump Echolink EL-1999 1MbDownload
390Dump Echolink EL-5013 ALI3510DDownload
391Dump Echolink EL-7000 PlusDownload
392Dump Echolink EL-7110 China MPEG4 4MbDownload
393Dump Echolink EL-7112 4MbDownload
394Dump ECHOLINK EL-9000 (SHG51 (38018) ) 4MbDownload
395Dump Echolink EL-9111 Gold M3105D-AV2012 MPEG4Download
396Dump Echolink F1-F2 HW 102.02.999 4MbDownload
397Dump ECHOLINK HYPER 2000 HDDownload
398Dump Echolink770d wifi GD25Q32.1506c_ddr2_av2018_v1.3Download
399Dump Eholink EL-9000 with LoaderDownload
400Dump EL 9119 HDMI M3501D AV2012 2MbDownload
401Dump EURO STAR 9500 PLUS FTA 3329-E5815_S1114Download
402Dump Five Sat Fs-2000 DC 12V FTA 1MbDownload
403Dump Fortec Star 2200HD (GSR-GN462_V2.0) 4MbDownload
404Dump Fretek F-7200 HD 4MbDownload
405Dump Gx 6605s V1.1,1.2, 1.3Download
406Dump GX6605S_16S_S05_V1.0 4MbDownload
407Dump GXCS1_V1.0.PCB HD_World_F6000+ 4MbDownload
408Dump HI Space 4100g ali 3329 c1 signal ic 50581MbDownload
409Dump KDP1000FTA_StarTrack_BOXIII_A14080_20150807Download
410Dump Lazer HD LZ-500 gx6605-av2018-v02Download
411Dump M3510A 4MB with Loader ToolDownload
412Dump M3510A-ME150925-S14064(STARMAX)Download
413Dump M3510-ME140702-S14010Download
414Dump Main Chip Haier OST-HI2610A2-AV2018-VO2Download
415Dump MM1-AVL1506T-WJX_V1.2 2017-07-01Download
416Dump MW4471 ALI3510D-S17045Download
417Dump Neosat 888 protocol 4MbDownload
418Dump NEOSAT 2010 PRO 3328F-E5812 S10.11Download
419Dump Neosat 5050 HD Super 8MbDownload
420Dump Neosat 9000 Exerience HDDownload
421Dump Neosat Boom 6000 HW102.02.015Download
422Dump Neosat i550 Glaxy HDDownload
423Dump NEOSAT i690 HD (GSR-GN462_V2.0 ) 2014-4-14Download
424Dump NEOSAT i-5000 ACDC 12 VOLT HD 4MbDownload
425Dump NEOSAT i5000 MEGA (GXSS1B_V3.0)Download
426Dump NEOSAT i5000 MINI HD 8MbDownload
427Dump NEOSAT NEO 2015 FTA 3328G-2028_b3 v1.0Download
428Dump Neosat O3 HDDownload
429Dump Neosat SX-9999 MPEG4 2MbDownload
430Dump Neoset N-7000 512 KBDownload
431Dump Newmax nm-n9hd GS4301AD-2011-10-20Download
432Dump Newsat N.S 1030 HDDownload
433Dump NEWSAT-10000 HD GSM Board.v1.1 size 8MbDownload
434Dump OS700T4_1506F_1506T 4Mb ProtocolDownload
435Dump Echolink El1212 OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02Download
436Dump NEWSET Aero Plus 333 Sim BoxDownload
437Dump Neosat SX-2363 OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02 ddr-512 25L3206E 6wireDownload
438Dump OST S1506G 2108 GSM V1.1 20150105 GD25Q64Download
439Dump Ost1506c d2_svn230_20180523 4MbDownload
440Dump OST-GX6605-5815M0-V02Download
441Dump Ost-sp1506g-5815 v1.0 4MbDownload
442Dump Sky Star X90 1MbDownload
443Dump SKYBOX_F1_HD_Solid_6141AutoRoll_Powervu_160115 8MbDownload
444Dump Smile s-555 s-666 3329c1 av2026 p6 512KBDownload
445Dump SPHE 1506G-V1.7 Size 4MbDownload
446Dump SPHE 1605G FRS-MINI-HD-1300A EXC1506G-L-10 (08-02-2018)Download
447Dump SR-550hd OST-S1506 2018 D2 V1.4 LOGO SAT TRACKDownload
448Dump STAR TARCK ST-6200 (GX6605S-5815-V4.1-2016120)Download
449Dump Star Tec 7700HD MEDIA HS1024-3001-01(c)Download
450Dump STAR TECK 2888 Size 1MbDownload
451Dump Star Track Sr-5555 HDMI M3501D AV2012 2MbDownload
452Dump STAR TRACK SR-8880 HD 4MbDownload
453Dump Star Track World in box III HD 1506C-DDR2-AV2018-V1.6Download
455Dump Starmax sr 444 OST-HI2610A2-AV2018-VO2 2MbDownload
456Dump Startrack 5900HD ALI 3510A- S14064Download
457Dump StarTrack_7700_HD_HS1024_30001Download
458Dump Startreck 6600d protocol with LoaderDownload
459Dump tartrack sd 3329c1 av2026 pcb-av26-d6Download
460Dump Track Star 7000 Super M3105D-AV2012 MPEG4Download
461Dump VHM-TOPSAT HD-S22(GX6605+AV2018-SHG51 Ver3.0-2014-07-29)Download
462Dump X.VISION DSR900 FTA 512KBDownload
463Dump_AZFOX S3S HD 4MbDownload
465Dump-ost-sp1506-p46e01 4MbDownload
466Dump Fortecstar 555HD Plus ALI3510-S13148Download
467Dump Tiger 7110 plus ali3510-s13148Download
468Dump EL-6605 S-N3230.M 2015-4-20 4MbDownload
469Dump Neosat 950D S-N323D.M 8MbDownload
470Dump NEOSAT -1600 BC 2MBDownload
471Dump Neosat NS-4200 S-N323D.M 4MbDownload
472Dump Neosat NS-4200 S-N323D.M 8MbDownload
473Dump NEOSAT SX6500i 2MBDownload
474Dump Star Track S-N323D.M 8mbDownload
475Dump STAR TRACK SR-55X PLUS+Loader 2MbDownload
476Dump Echolink 880D+ and Startrack 6600D Sp210 1506C 3.6 8MbDownload
477Dump Neosat 550HD_Ali 3612_0E000600_PowerVu_1.5.56 8MbDownload
478Dump Neosat 560D 1506T 4MbDownload
479Dump Neosat 770HD 1506C 4MbDownload
480Dump Neosat Hyper Reborn,8899 Emu CodeDownload
481Dump Software Echolink 1000 Plus 1506G 4MbDownload
482Dump Software Echolink 2020 1506G 4MbDownload
483Dump Solid AHDS2-1011 2MbDownload
484Dump V6343_ME180523_BLACK_U35_POWER-VUDownload
485Dump Star Track 2020 1506G-RDA5815Download
486Dump V6650_2018-06-29_ALI3510C_HW102.02.033Download
487Dump ECHOLINK 2015 SUPER HDDownload
488Dump Echolink 3310 Jadoo SPHE1506-DDRII BOX V1.3Download
489Dump Echolink 8555 ALI 3510C HW102.02.015Download
490Dump Echolink EL-2016 4MbDownload
491Dump Echolink EL-2020 SPHE1506-DDRII BOX V1.3Download
492Dump ECOLINK EL8000 ALL IN ONE_SW.N2.59_HW.HS1032Download
493Dump Main Board S-N140-V2.2 4MbDownload
494Dump Newsat 2200HD OST S1506C 2018 D2 V1.4 8mbDownload
495Dump Software Eurosat P8 Smart HD 4MbDownload
496Dump Startrack Hyper SPHE-1506-DDRII BOXDownload
497Dump StarTrak S2 Mega AVL1506F-148-V2.0Download
498Dump STARTREK SR-9990 SUPER HDDownload
499Dump STARTREK SR-9990 SUPER MP1-AVL1506F-ZZQ_V4.0Download
500Dump Startrek ST2016 HD Plus S-N140-V2.2 2014.06.18Download
501Dump_AZ FOX S3S SN132-M02-V1.2(S3) 25L3206EDownload
502Dump_Class HD CL 2015 gold 25l64Download
503Dump_Echolink 9000 Xtreme GD25Q32BDownload
504Dump_Echolink EL5100 Bravo Full HD GD25q32bDownload
505Dump_Echolink H23 M03G-BSP1506C-DSZ V1.0.PCB GD25Q32Download
506Dump_Echolink ZIPPER 2000 25Q32Download
507Dump_Echostar ES6116 OST S1506C 2018 D2 V1.1 2014 5 29 GD25Q32BDownload
508Dump_EL 888 Ultra 25q16bDownload
509Dump_EL 1506C-DDR2-AV2018-V1.2 GD25Q32BDownload
510Dump_EL 3310 Jadoo SPHE1506-DDRII BOX V1.3 2014-11-16 GD25Q32BDownload
511Dump_EL 5200 HD SPHE 1506C V1.7 GD25Q32BDownload
512Dump_EL5410 1506C-AV2018-V1.6 GD25Q32BDownload
513Dump_EL6868 OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02 ddr-512 GD25Q64 6wireDownload
514Dump_EL9090 GD25Q64Download
515Dump_EL9999+HD SPE1506G-V1.9 GD25Q32BDownload
516Dump_E-SAT HD-T20 MB_G60101_V1.2 25L3206EDownload
517Dump_Euromax 360i ALI3601S_0B000600 1CA_0CI_1.5.06Download
518Dump_Neosat 1-5000 GS3301DF 25Q128FVDownload
519Dump_Neosat 450 VS3001-S01V1.2 gd25q32bDownload
520Dump_Neosat 550HD super ALI 3510-S14010 GD25Q32BDownload
521Dump_Neosat 660d OST S1506G 2018 V1.0 GD25Q32Download
522Dump_Neosat 8200 1506_DDR2_2018_V1.0 20141111 GD25Q32BDownload
523Dump_Neosat 9900 HD SPHE1506G_V1.7 GD25Q32BDownload
524Dump_Neosat ALi3510C-S15065 V1.0 S15073Download
525Dump_NEOSAT HYPER REBORN HSP06C0S5-A 25L3205DDownload
526Dump_Neosat NS-4200 S-N323D.M GD25Q32BDownload
527Dump_NEOSAT_SX1100_HD S1506C 2018 D2 V1.3 20140910 25L3206EDownload
528Dump_OST-GX6605-AV2018-V02 ddr-512 GD25Q32 6wireDownload
529Dump_Samtel 7100 HD sensation HS1032 6001-01B gd25q32bDownload
530Dump_SAMTEL ST-2900 ZB-ALI3329-5815S-V1.1 5wire GD25Q80Download
531Dump_Sattrack M03G-BSP1506C-DSZ V1.0.PCB GD25q32Download
532Dump_ST-6200 1506C_DDR2_AV2018_V1.6 GD25Q32BDownload
533Dump_Star track 505 M3601S_M01_V1.5 5wireDownload
534Dump_Star track 3000 hd 25FL032Download
535Dump_Star track 5600 GD25Q64Download
536Dump_Star track supreme DZ03_2AHS63 GD25Q32Download
537Dump_Star Treck 2070 GX6605-S01-V1.6 & V1.7 GD25Q32BDownload
538Dump_Star trek SR 8880 DKUL104 RF V1.2 GD25Q32BDownload
539Dump_Starmax 3000 spark ali 3510A-s14064 pm25lq032Download
540Dump_Startrack OST S1506G 2018 V1.0 GD25Q64Download
541Dump_Super Golden Lazer 14A MM_SU1506_DSZ_V1.0Download
542Dump STARTRACK-SRT3000-HD-SUPERDownload
543Dump StarTrack ST-6100_ALI3510C HW102.02.013Download
544Dump Star Track SR-2013 HD ALI3601Download
545Dump STAR TARCK T8 High Class 8MbDownload
546Dump Neosat NS-6000D aspire 4MbDownload
547Dump Gx 6605s V1.1,1.2, 1.3Download
548Dump ECHOLINK T9 High Class 8MbDownload
549Dump Diamond HD DM500 4MbDownload
550Dump ALI3601_REV5.7_2 20120415 TestedDownload
551Dump ALCS1_DDR2_V1.0 _2018-03-15_4MbDownload
552Dump 1506F Board MP1-AVL1506F-ZZQ_V4.0Download
553Dump 7STAR 333 HD 4MbDownload
554Dump HD BOX 2020 8MbDownload
555Dump Echolink 6969HD OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02Download
556Dump Galaxy 1000HD_GSR-GN428 V1.2Download
557Dump GX6605_S01_V1.7_20150424 DDR2_512MbitDownload
558Dump Neosat 5050 lovly GX6605 4MbDownload
559Dump OST-SP1506G_RDA5815 v1.0Download
560Dump Super Golden Lazer 7000 HD 8MBDownload
561Dump TokyoSat TS-X500 USB HDDownload
562Dump ALI3510A-S14064Download
563Dump ALI3510C-S15065_V1.0Download
564Dump AZFOX_S2SDownload
565Dump Class HD 9000 X PlusDownload
566Dump Class HD CL2012 X HD PlusDownload
567Dump Echolink 750S JadooDownload
568Dump Echolink 2017 Hybird 999_EN25Q32Download
569Dump Echolink 2020 4K_ 1506TDownload
570Dump ECHOLINK EL-5300 HD_HW104.02.999Download
571Dump E-Sat A300Download
572Dump E-Sat A600Download
573Dump GX6605-S15083 4MbDownload
574Dump HMS050S0-B 2014-12-03Download
575Dump M03G-BSP1506C-DSZ V1.0.PCB GD25q32_TestedDownload
576Dump M3510A-ME160220-S15006Download
577Dump Micromax_MM-8882 HDDownload
578Dump MM1GX6605S_WJX_V1.3Download
579Dump Newsat 650D JadooDownload
580Dump MSD7816-E2022-S1228Download
581Dump NEWSAT-JNMBM3510C.AV2018.VER1.2Download
582Dump S_GN426_V3.0Download
583Dump SHG51Ver2.0Download
584Dump S-N923C.MDownload
585Dump Star X_GS26301AC 2016-03-14Download
586Dump Stargold 1050HDDownload
587Dump Startrack 5900HD_SPHE1506G_V1.9Download
588Dump XTT-3510C-S2-260 A4_2016.10.10Download
589Dump_NEOSAT HYPER REBORN HSP06C0S5-A 25L3205DDownload
590Dump GX6605S-RF-Q-V1.1 2016-07-20Download
591Dump S-HN4905-V3.0_GD25Q32Download
592Dump STARGOLD SG777 HD_HMS160S7-B 20130603Download
593Dump Supermax SM 4120 HD FTADownload
594Dump Star Track SRT 9191 Full HD FTA 2017 HybridDownload
596Dump GX6605-S14015 25Q32BGIGADownload
597Dump GX6605S-S17030 4MbDownload
598Dump M3510A F1 F2 Ali3510A-S14064 Green goto TestedDownload
599Dump Board GSR-GN428-V1.2_2014-05-08_4MbDownload
600Dump Ali3510A-s14010Download
601Dump GX6605S-s17030(180424)Download
602Dump S-GN421_VER1.0_13.07.23_LeonDownload
603Dump Stargold SG-1700HDDownload
604Dump Startrack 3100_GD25Q32Download
605Dump ALI3510A-S15030Download
606Dump Star Track 2022 WIFI H_SA003 V1.1Download
607Dump Telezone TZ662 AO-S06F ML501 V 1.1Download
608Dump GX6605-S01-V1.5-20150424Download
609Dump ALI3510-S14010 4MBDownload
610Dump AVL1506T_148_ V2.1 20170725Download
611Dump Star Treck 6000 Super_HW 104.02.002Download
613Dump Tiger Star TG-999 PlusDownload
614Dump Hi2610_MB_V1.1 4mb SD ReceiverDownload
615Dump Newsat N.S 104C OST-GX6605-RDA5815M-V02 8MbDownload
616Dump Q13G_ISTB+S2 V1.1 2014 Q28G 16MB GD25Q128Download
619Dump_Startrek SR-8880_DKUL104(RF) V1.2Download
620Dump_MP1 GX6605S_DC_1F_WJX_V2.1Download
621Dump_HD World_2016.11.05_4mbDownload
622Dump_Stargold_SG-3050T2 HD_MS8373-V2.0Download
623Dump_Startrack ze.7000_MM3_SU1506G_DSZDownload
624Dump_Startrack_SRT 2016 HD_YW-LUPUS01-VER1.2Download
625Dump_Tmall Entertainment TE-82&TE-83_B8SA2Download
627Dump_AO-S06T B501 V2.2_4mbDownload
628Dump_Echolink EL-888 FTA Super PlusDownload
629Dump_Echolink EL7110_M3510 V1.0Download
630Dump_Echolink EL-9119 MPEG4_M3105D_REV2.0BDownload

Videos Link:


  1. Avatar Of Nisar

    very nice all sw are ok 100%
    tnx kazmi sir

  2. Avatar Of Amir Shahzad

    sir mere pass ali m3501d rev2.0b ka board hy sirf echolink khara rehta hy kafi file flash ki hain lekin no display

  3. Avatar Of Hummer

    Can I get dump file for digisat DX 3

  4. Avatar Of Wasim

    Sir mere Ko OST s1506c 2018 d2 v.1.1 Micromax mm E73 hd ka software cahiye

  5. Avatar Of Amit

    Sir, can you please available TP-Link TLWR81N v10 router’s dump file?

  6. Avatar Of Muhammad Sadri
    Muhammad sadri

    Please… S/w fretek 710.0 link download.

  7. Avatar Of Zeeshan

    Plz upload startrack sr8880 upgrade bin file

  8. Avatar Of Javed

    salam bhai how all this software one time download

  9. Avatar Of Abusufyan

    good sir ge

    • Avatar Of Mansoor Alam

      Dear sir need Neosat Ns 560D plus old sim reciever board no sp210 15o6c 3.6v August 2016 software needed.

  10. Avatar Of Ahmed Faisal

    Echolink el 8888 hd upgrade life please

  11. Avatar Of Ahmed Faisal

    Echolink el 8888 hd upgrade file please

  12. Avatar Of Hamza Virk

    alcs1-ddr2-ver 1.0 board number
    “startrack 9999 ultra” receiver name
    please give me software for this…

  13. Avatar Of Hamza Virk

    startrack 9999 ultra
    please give me software for this….

  14. Avatar Of M Saleem

    dear very nice site mujhay gxss1b ver3.3 ka loader cable diagram aur pc say upgrade ka tareeqa batain

  15. Avatar Of Wajid


  16. Avatar Of Shafeeque Ahmad
    Shafeeque ahmad

    Aslumalekum all Bhai less Ho Bhai mere laws 1506c-DAZ V1.0. Hi Sw latte waist lode or ruka Hy pls es ke dump file do pls 03133320478

  17. Avatar Of Munju

    Echolink EL-7110 HD Super, Board GX6605 RDA5815M-V06 Ka dump file chahiye please sir

  18. Avatar Of Dilip Chaudhary
    Dilip Chaudhary

    Wrong IP Likha Aa Raha Hai Bhai

  19. Avatar Of Shakeel Akhtar
    shakeel akhtar

    thank you br , GOD bless you

  20. Avatar Of Rafiq

    sir plz Echilink FTA DVB S2 china brand ka software ka ljnk send kar dain

  21. Avatar Of Saeed Ahmed

    Kazmi sahab aslamalekum sir ost 1506c 1.4 ke do board he mere pass our programer bhi he mini programer app ka softwear bhi download ker ke flash kya he per fir bhi kuch nahi ho raha acha jab me 25 per our detect per click karta ho to 6 ya 7 option ati he kise me bhi karlo ya

  22. Avatar Of Aftab

    Bhai neosat ns-600d aspire version ASL1 ddr2 v1.0 I flash file mile jayega

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      List me check karen

      • Avatar Of Shahin

        I’m a Tiger* T8 high class V2 user.
        My box have red light problem after updating with latest software v.3.67
        Later i was trying with rs 232 port but shows Error: Customer in sw is not the same in box”.
        So i looking for dump/ flash file to recovery my box.
        My box board no GS 26601AD
        Help me please

  23. Avatar Of Imran Malik

    Sir goto asal wale Ka new software link send karden pppp

  24. Avatar Of Maqbool

    Bhai Jan mere pas Echolink MW871 ali3510c-s15073(170107) hy is me video show nhi ho rhi by software ka masla by plz is ka software send kar dyen my no 03066788858

  25. Avatar Of Suman

    Nationalchip ka Gx3001r chip ka loder chahiye

  26. Avatar Of M Zaman Hd

    Startrack5700HD Hw 10202028 ,,bro ye wala soft ware kindly show kro!!!!

  27. Avatar Of Akhter

    kazmi bhi ur software good bat rar.exe file donwlod palaz canfager dwonlode wabsite
    my nober 03456921685 palaz add me

  28. Avatar Of Ray

    hi, need dump or software for flash for metronic touchbox s2

  29. Avatar Of Zaheer123

    Al-29c scsrt(ca) ver 3.5 ya softwear to do bhai

  30. Avatar Of Ahsan Illahi

    Mera neoset 2010pro ten sports kesy OK hoga

  31. Avatar Of Kazim Ali

    Sir mery pas recever echolink le 9999 hain.plz mujhy softwer chaiye jis se ten Pakistan. sony BBC erht or Sony ke paid channel jal jaye plzzzzz.

  32. Avatar Of Izaz Ul Hasan

    Dear bro mery pas star x c98 receiver hai. Main software update Krna chahta hun. Kafi links sy download kr k try kiya hai but nhn ho rha plz help me

  33. Avatar Of Tahir

    Aoa kamzi sb mera receiver crupt file dead hogya hn
    (Ali3510c 102.02.999) plz help me
    What can I how to boot now my receiver
    Plz help and reply

  34. Avatar Of Prakash Agarwadekar
    Prakash agarwadekar

    Parth888 ka software dedo

  35. Avatar Of Ahmad Raza

    bhai mery pas Neosat 6500 supreme sim wala hai sir is ka orignal software nhi mil rha kahain sy bhi ap ne jo software diye howy main ne sary chek kiye hain os main nhi hai plz help.

  36. Avatar Of Leetipu

    i have dump file 3 receiver 4mb … 8mb matrik burger s2 , getmecom hd 009 plus 8mb. can im sent to you? 🙂

  37. Avatar Of Faraz

    bhai mery pas Neosat HYPER REBORN sim wala hai
    is ka orignal software nhi mil rha kahain sy bhi ap ne jo software diye
    i plz help.

    525 Dump_NEOSAT HYPER REBORN HSP06C0S5-A 25L3205D Download

    not extra cut

  38. Avatar Of Arshed Khan

    yeh jo 69 no.per file hai dump neosat ns8100 board no. S_HN4805 yeh dwnload hoti hai but app bn jati hai muje 4mb ka software chae is ka hl kryn meri prblm?

  39. Avatar Of Kurai

    Pliz help me with GXSS5b ver1.5 latest powervu dump file

  40. Avatar Of Faisal

    Shah Sab,
    1506c ddr2 av2018 v1.3
    ks loader say hoga ?
    reciver stuck on red light

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom


      • Avatar Of

        Sir mery pass fertek hd mini.2 recever hai us ke file ni mel rhe ap k pass hai to 03065409201 is number py send kr do mery pass ch341A programmer hai us sa ma writ kr lo ga

        • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

          w.salam dear table k oper search ki option hy wohan just board number ya model name likh kar check kar len agar nai milta to board ki picture share karen Forum page pe

  41. Avatar Of M Shahzad


  42. Avatar Of M Shahzad

    salam bhai

  43. Avatar Of Azee

    i need 650 D jadoo upgrade version pls ASAP.

  44. Avatar Of Deepak


  45. Avatar Of Suresh Verma

    Wg -7850 me Kon sa dump file dalna padega

  46. Avatar Of Mansoor Alam

    Dear kazmi sir,i need dump file for my Neosat Ns 560D plus board sp210 1506c 3.6v 8mb access controle 2778 in Neosat bootlogo.you hv uploaded EL 860D plus which i hv updated on my Neosat NS 560D plus working perfectly but now i want to change its bootlogo into Neosat logo.

  47. Avatar Of Haidery

    Dear sir. Mujy ST 6100 receiver ka new software chye os ka old yeh.
    Product name. ME180305-HD Digital
    Hardware version. HW102 02 003
    Software version. 5691
    Software date. March5 2018

  48. Avatar Of Nkk

    mp1gx6605s_1f_wjx_v1.0 ka software chahiye tha bhai

  49. Avatar Of Faiz

    Bhai main ne newsat 550d Ali 3510 s14064 Kia hy lekin desply paswerd mang rha hy ko nsa paswerd don

  50. Avatar Of Kala


  51. Avatar Of Faseeh Ullah Khan
    Faseeh ullah khan

    sir g maray pass ecolink 2000 HD recover hai is kaliya koi acha software chahyi.

  52. Avatar Of M Yousaf

    It Worked Thanks Alot

  53. Avatar Of Zeeshan

    sir star max 2020hd k dump file install ki hy usma passward lga hoa hy kindly wo btain

  54. Avatar Of Shan

    sir vallenno ali 3329 ka dump softwhere chahiye wese chaina receiver 150 ki tarah display he par 150 ka softwhere work nahi kar raha he or board bhi ok he

  55. Avatar Of Bubloo

    Dear sir 1506c-ddr2-av2018-v1.3 dvbs-evb-kd1100hd-v1.1 ecolink A1505-v2.0 ki sony network ki update kon c hy

  56. Avatar Of Rakesh Sharma

    Sir wg-7850 me kon sa software dalega jisme gx6605s chip set h

  57. Avatar Of Osman

    echolink el-70d master code?

  58. Avatar Of Zaheer 33

    Sir star track st-6000 hd wifi
    Hardwear hn4805-v2.0
    Softwear 41b321s1-0139159
    Please iska update softwear chahiye

  59. Avatar Of Olawale

    Please can I get software for unique sat 1111hd

  60. Avatar Of Charles


    i need dump and rom bin for echolink magic 3 does not boot

    need exact one as cannot find it here

    please help


  61. Avatar Of Ilham

    plz help me i need digisat dx-786 flash dump main GXSS1B ver4.1 flash 25q32

    • Avatar Of Kumar

      Sir mere 3 board hain protocol wale ost 1506g 2018 wale , us me cline conect karte hi reciever auto restart hojata hai maine software kya supply change kya board change kiya par masla same hai solution batayen plz

  62. Avatar Of Nasir Azad

    mery pass s1506g 2018 v1.0 bord number hai resiver ka nam wf660 newsat hai is ka software nahi aa raha

  63. Avatar Of Rasheed Ahmad

    ali 3501m. hw softver do bai pliz

  64. Avatar Of Malik Imran

    Bhai Echolink 1000 ka koi acha sa software to send Kar dy jis par Sony network chal saky

  65. Avatar Of Adnan

    Assalamualaikum sir.. Mary pass receiver ha star trek.. board number.. ali3510c-s15065 (170107) ha. Is py Jo opaar list ma dump file ha us sy ten sports Pakistan chal Jaye ga Kya psl k lie… Kindly btaien Bhai. Jazak Allah

  66. Avatar Of Munwar Habib

    sar SPE8947-2 ka flesh plzz

  67. Avatar Of Azhar Khan

    sir please send me Ali3510A S14064

  68. Avatar Of Shehzad

    Echolink zipper 2000 HW HSP06G0S1-K DUMP FILE mil jaye gi. software update ki try ki tudead ho gya hai

  69. Avatar Of Zahid

    Well done azar bhai ap ki website pr 100% dump files hain.. meri problem solve hogai.. thanks..
    Allah ap k ilam mai or izafa karay.. Ameen..

  70. Avatar Of Suneelkumar

    sir 1506 sim wale recevier me read lite softwer galt karne se hota hi per as he read lite ho to kis chez ko chek kar reply sir

  71. Avatar Of Dilmurad

    sir pleas send dumP GSR-GN462_V2.0 GD25Q64B

  72. Avatar Of Atif Javed

    Sir ALI3601 REV_5.7_2 ka board hai is per kon sa dump update hoga. or kis loader se hoga.

  73. Avatar Of Qamar Zaman

    Sir mera reciver Ecolink – 7214 ultra hy jo Duran-e-software loading (red light) pay roka hoya hy. Is ka koi ilaaj bata dain.

  74. Avatar Of Aslam

    Hi, dear how are you, please i need up to date software for Neosat 550HD Plus+ GXCS1_V1.0.pcb Board hai, and already yeh software hua howa hai.
    Loader version: V1.9.3.6
    Default DB: V1.4.0.0
    Software Version: V1.4.2_SVN-0000
    Hardware Version: SHG51 (38005)

  75. Avatar Of Zahid_Qazi

    Aslamalaikm Kazmi Bhai
    mre pas receiver NEOSAT_550HD_V2.0 hai, me ese upgrade krna chahta hu

  76. Avatar Of Kuldeep Kumar
    Kuldeep Kumar

    Hello. Mere pass newsat o2+ 1506g scb2 wala receiver hai jo red light dikha raha hai loader sy software krne ki boht koshish mgr ho nhi raha hai Plzz is ka koi hal btaaen.

  77. Avatar Of Arif Ali

    Sir j mere pass star track 8555 HD hw 01v01 model name GN462(ALi3510E) he ,is me letest software kon sa lage ga

  78. Avatar Of Ishan Ansari


  79. Avatar Of Muhammad Farid Khan

    Bro mere pass newmax 771 mpeg4 full HD receiver ha software update nai mil rehi
    Made in Korea
    Please help me

  80. Avatar Of Buta Singh

    Sir wezone 8007 ka original firmware upload krna ji. Bahut meharbaani hogi.

  81. Avatar Of Arshad Mehmood
    Arshad Mehmood

    Neosat 9900 HD ka software chahye ten sports chala at k liay please.

  82. Avatar Of Jack

    Hello expert,can u plz provide software for gsr-gn460-v2.0

  83. Avatar Of Shahzad Zahoor
    Shahzad zahoor

    bhai mere pas original receiver hai Jo pehle FTA hoty thy WO search me 2,3 Chanel aaty hain plz uski channel ki file bhej dain

  84. Avatar Of M.shabbir

    Aslaam o alaikum bhai g gxx6605_S01_V1.6_20141013 is ka software chaye hai

  85. Avatar Of Charnjit Singh
    Charnjit singh

    Sir, I want loader for solid 2100 pro ,

  86. Avatar Of Rajesh Grewal
    rajesh grewal

    Sir Jo pagaria 5050 box mein DTH tips waloon ka software pad gaya hai USA software version 3216 hai USB pendrive se is mein koi dusra ya pagaria ka koi software pad data hai please help me

  87. Avatar Of Shemo

    Can i get dumb file for …. Prifix 7400D NT78300SE

  88. Avatar Of Sachu

    Mere setup box oswal ka he 6605s-NK version V1.6.3.4. pls send me updated version. Hotstar , sony tv not working. Update dump or suitable software diyeka

  89. Avatar Of Sachusidhique

    Mere setup box oswal ka he 6605s-NK version V1.6.3.4. pls send me updated version. Hotstar , sony tv not working. Update dump or suitable software diyeka. Wifi also not detecting

  90. Avatar Of Rana Ahsen

    Bhai jan plz Mujhe is Receiver gsr tn 654 ax8010 ka software or loader de dain plz
    main bohat search ki lekin nahi mila

  91. Avatar Of Kaps



  92. Avatar Of Kishan

    Bhai mujhe lripl lr44 ka software loader chaihiye gx6605s v1.0.0

  93. Avatar Of Alfiya Electronics

    Sr onida 32ha1 board no P50-M6TV6.1 KA SOFTAWER CHAYIYE PLEASE RPLY SR

  94. Avatar Of Dipak

    Very nice sir use full data thank you for sharing sir

  95. Avatar Of Sm Santo

    sir i need a flash for my mg link m9

  96. Avatar Of Karan

    Mere pass hd gx6605s chip wala box hai without any company logo iss mein display panel SDH v1.1 use hai iss mein kon sa firmwere dale bahut se gx6605 wale firmwere dale ch341 use se but front display chalti nahi

  97. Avatar Of Khalid Husain

    اسلام و علیکم۔ کاظمی صاحب آپ نے بہت محنت کی ہے اللہ آپکو اس کی جزا دے۔ میرے رسیور کا مسلہ ہے اس کے بارے میں دوبارہ رابطہ کروں گا۔

    • Avatar Of Khalid Husain

      QAZMI Sb!
      My NEOSAT NS 8200 sat receiver after startup heldsup on ‘LOAD’ with red light on. You in your web site have given the remedy of ‘DUMP’ file via ‘USB’.
      You have given two ‘DUMP’ files. No.1: S/no: 219/620 showing: DUMP NEOSAT full hd ns 8200 bord id 1506 c av 2018 v1.0 . No 2: S/no: 522/620 showing: DUMP-NEOSAT 8200-1506-DDR2-2018-v 1.0 20141111 GD25Q32B. Now please tell me which of the two files I should use to rectify the problem.You have stated in your video to check voltage of the BOARD components prior to using the DUMP file via USB.Please guide me how to check the voltage?

      • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

        Dear khalid!! I think there is no software issue, it may be a hardware issue. in such cases, we resold the main chip. you first try to load dump otherwise resold process

  98. Avatar Of Anwaar Shah

    sir mere pas ost s1506c 2018 d2 v 1.2 board 8mb ka receiver hy jis me main ne ost s1506c 2018 d2 v 1.4 8mb ka software sunplus loader se dala hy usky baad sunplus loader se is me koi software execute ni kr raha sunplus me selection kr k receiver on krta hu to kch b response ni ata plz give me solution of this matter

  99. Avatar Of Abu Bakar

    NS 8200 ki update instal ki thi 2019 ki ab ksi satlite k signal nhi aa rhy or na hi remote kam kr rha hy. NS 8200 full HD es ka firmware kha sy mly ga? Ap ny jo 2 dump file opr post ki hy dono lga kr dakhi hy instal hi nhi hoti

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      apne wrong software update kar dia hy. iska board number dekh k loader ya programmer se dump file karen

  100. Avatar Of Khalid Husain

    QAZMI Sb.!
    FIRSTLY I thankyou very much for your instant responce to my query.
    SECONDLY Pl. Guide me that which of the two DUMP files from your list should try first with USB.
    No.1: 519/620 or No.2: 522/620 If it does not work then I will go for tesoldering of the main chip according to your guidance.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  101. Avatar Of Khalid Huain

    KAZMI Sb!
    Can you pl. Recomend me any one you know in GUJRANWALA
    who can install the required DUMP file in my RECEIVER by LOADER/PROGRAMER ?

  102. Avatar Of Yousif

    open box 222 HD Dump/flash 2019 cccam

  103. Avatar Of Prince

    Sir plzz give me Unitech UT 999 Software

  104. Avatar Of Fayaz Ali

    sir software download nahe ho rahhe he

  105. Avatar Of Hanzlah

    Hello Kazmi Bhai,Mujhe Fretek f7100 HD ka Software chahye jis mein powervu hoo?
    agar apke pass hai tu mujhe link send kardo warna mere email mein software send kardo jis mein powervu hoo fretek f7100 hd kay liye?

  106. Avatar Of Shahraz

    sir mera media fire kam nai kar raha ya lika a raha the can site reached

  107. Avatar Of Narayan Singh
    Narayan Singh

    Please upload Mp1gx6605_dc_if_wjx v1.0 auto roll software
    Thanks a lot

  108. Avatar Of Ayat

    Hello dear friends,
    Would you please help me find the flash file for Mediastar MS-15000 Forever?

    Thank you

  109. Avatar Of Mubasher

    Sir, Kindly upload NEOSAT I-9900 GOLD Software, And if possible any guide to install the software

  110. Avatar Of Sudheesh

    Please help me to give Ali 3501 bi v5 software

  111. Avatar Of Nasir

    sir i need software for AD-11 HD Premium ———H/W Version HMS050S0-B-V2

  112. Avatar Of Rubaid Saram

    Bhai M3510c-s16008 ka new software hi

  113. Avatar Of Raj

    WG7850 board chip gx6605 front display panel WG9990 iss settop box mein kon sa firmwere work karega costomer bol raha hai iss mein solid likh kar aata tha or menu pagaria 5050 wala

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      Dear solid aur pagaria both same chipset k hen to inme hona chahye koi bhe software agar main chipset different hy to ho sakta hy menu aik jesa ho

  114. Avatar Of Raj

    Chip set to gx6605 laga hai iska remote solid or pagaria se diffrent hai pagaria 5050 try kiya tha work nahi kiya kiyon iske display panel mein red or green led use hai jo ki solid ke 6363 panel se match karta hai to ab mein last solid ka 6363 firmwere try karuga baaki kismat thanks for your reply

  115. Avatar Of Rao Sahib

    Hello sir
    i only denand you to creat a new software of Five Sat 1000 Hd raciever within day.

  116. Avatar Of Kapil

    Hi sir

    i want dump file for GS4901AF

    sir can you please provide me as my reciever magnum 3300s is not working because of wrong software.


  117. Avatar Of Siraj

    I need mm3_su1506g_dsz_v1.0

  118. Avatar Of Adewale M

    Hello brother, you are doing a great job here. Please, can i get Digisat DX-786 or Digital DCL786 Dump file or ? I recently loaded a wrong software

  119. Avatar Of Madan

    Solid 6600 software please….

  120. Avatar Of Mohsin

    Sir mere pas star terck 5000 super ka receiver hai red light pe hai pehly wali ic write ker k lagi nai on hota ic new lagy gi or software knsa ho ga plz bta dain

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      Dear is k board pe HW version likha hoga woh dekh k dump file karen phir koi latest software kar len

  121. Avatar Of Khan

    hello sir,
    sir mera pass GS6605S-NK wezone ka 888A stb hai is ki indian ki local time nahi aara hai GMT +5,+6 hai +5:30 aad karo please.

  122. Avatar Of Asif Ali

    Aoa..kazmi sahib you are doing great job.JazakAllah

    Sir I have this wifi dish receiver
    Star track SRT-9898 Diamond..
    board number is HSP06C0S4-B 20150918

    Sir please share its new software,dump file and everything over here. or email me.thanks

  123. Avatar Of Kashif Khan

    Kazim bhai mujhy
    Newsat ns-9500 ali3510-s15073(170107)
    Ka software chaye jis sy main os ko flash drive ky through flash kar sakon device hang ho gai hy

  124. Avatar Of Madan

    Bhai koi solid 6600 t2 s2 vala software do please….

  125. Avatar Of Hasnain



    MP2 AVL 1506F [USB] ZZQ-V1.1

  126. Avatar Of Naeem Raja

    glgamax 9900 hd

  127. Avatar Of Naeem Raja

    giga max 9900 hd m3601s01-v1.0-120326

  128. Avatar Of Shahid

    janab merey pass StarGold SG777HD receiver hai,
    kiya iss mein 1506 wala softwear install ho jayee ga, if possible ho to janab mujhey softwear ka link de dain jo iss mein 1506 wala install ho jayee


  129. Avatar Of Hasnain

    kazmi bhai

    dump needed MP2 AVL 1506F USB-ZZQ-V1.1

  130. Avatar Of Yasir

    i need loader tool or flash tool for EL 787
    M03G-BSP1506C-DSZ v1.0.PCB

    plz can any one have loader tool for this board

  131. Avatar Of Donaye Chakma
    Donaye Chakma

    I have A MG-LINK M9 farmwire

  132. Avatar Of Faheem Kumbhar

    bhai jaan -muje ye dump chaye plz reply GX6101D-RDA5815M-S13113 TRACK STAR 5000 SUPER PLUS FTA PLZ

  133. Avatar Of Saqib

    Neoset I 5000 Receiver hi muje sey lower Version install ho gya hai ab del or upgrade ni ho rha

    Hardware V HW102.02.999
    SoftW V 2911

  134. Avatar Of

    salam sir

    me software install kr rha tha us k bhad red red light pe stuck ho gya ha kindly ye bta dein k loader hdmi/easycap se device utha le gha k nhi qn k usk back pr rs 232 ki port nhi or is k elawa koi treeqa bta dein loader k sath conncet krny ka mene rs 232 ki vid apki ek daikhi thi ap k pas connector tha jo device k andr lgta ha rs232 ka usk bary mekindly bta dein

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      loader se ho sakta hy agar board k oper rs 232 ka jack bana ho nai to final solution programmer hy

  135. Avatar Of Muhammad Ammar
    Muhammad Ammar

    Bahi Jaan mera receiver MM1-AVL-1506T-WIFI-ZZQ_V1.1 board ky uper likha howa ha is ma software ki waja se dead ho gya ha red light a rahi ha front py koi solution batain

  136. Avatar Of Hamid

    hi, I need the file for mediastar ms-3000 laser. which one iscompatable?

  137. Avatar Of Wazir Hussain Khan
    wazir hussain khan

    dear kazmi sab AOA siir mein ne aik mah pehlay aik guzarish post ki thi lekin jawab nahin mila. brother kia jawab k liey koi fees ada karni hoti hi to bata dein.brothere mera masla yeh hi k mein ne apney neosat receiver(102-02-999)mein 2 ya 3 mah pehlay ten sport ka software kiatha. jo mein ne receiver option se download kia tha. bad mein ten sport band ho gia. ab sotware karna chahta hoon. mein ne ap ki site se july 2019 wala software download kia tha. ab mfin flash lagata hoon to upgrade ka option aa to jata hi lekin woh option active nahi aor na hi us par karsar jata hi.please help me.
    aik aor guzarish bhi hi. meray pass aik old newsat digital 6500 plus receiver hi jo run pe stop ho gia tha kia us ki dump file mil sakti hi.please help me thank you.

  138. Avatar Of Maqsood

    DelSat D-ii HD Premiu HCS80010S0-B Dump File Plz upload

  139. Avatar Of Hanzlah

    Hello Sir,Mere Receiver ka Model No Fretek f7100 HD aur iskay motherboard ka number S_GN426_V3.0 Hai.
    Iska jo software apke site pe available hai usmein koi change nahi aati jab mein usko install karta hoon. wo as it as ho jata hai par uske aagay STB information bilkul change nahi hoti wahi rehti hai jo by default hai.yeh abs file accept karta hai bas.mujhe iska 2019 ka software chahye jo koi aise receiver ka software ho jo uskay motherboard kay sath compatible ho jay.star gold hd 750 aur 1050 hd ka compatible hai.ab mujhe wo jaye jismein powervu ho aur install bhi ho jay kahin mera receiver dead na ho jay.agar apke pass koi aisa software ho aur usmein powervu lazmi ho tu mujhe uska download link send kar di jiye ga please sir..

  140. Avatar Of Nur Md

    mera box dvb s2 gx-01 kosa dump file dale sir dusra daldiya hai

  141. Avatar Of Hanzlah

    Kazmi Bhai,Maine apko request ki thi kay mere receiver k model No fretek f7100 HD aur Board Number S_GN426_V3.0 hai iska koi latest software or jo bhi kiskay sath compatible hai uska link dedo comment box mein par ap mere baat ka jawab hi nahi detay.

  142. Avatar Of Hanzlah

    Apke pass agar stargold sg750 ya stargold sg 1050 ka updated version hai tu uska link dedo comment box mein.Jo apke site pe available hai stargold sg 1050 HD ka wo uska original software nai hai installation karne kay baad Information kisi aur software ki aati hai.esilye agar sg 750 ya sg 1050 ka updated version hai tu please mujhe comment box mein uska link dedo?

  143. Avatar Of Muhammad Mansab
    Muhammad Mansab

    neosat 550 dx hd ko konsa softwear lagy ga upgread krna hy usb se help me plz

  144. Avatar Of Asad Abbas Sheikh
    Asad Abbas Sheikh

    HW Version: dvbs-1506g-V1.0-OTP-0
    SW Version: SCB4 V9.05.19.2

    i want this software please send this software at my email…

  145. Avatar Of Janali

    avl 1506t wjx v1.3 ja dump aur software file chyie

  146. Avatar Of Rana Jamil

    NEOSAT 9919 MPEG4

    M3105D rev_2.0 B

    sir piz dump

  147. Avatar Of Ghulam Mustafa
    ghulam mustafa

    sar ji aslamoalaikum sar mujhy gsr-428 ver1.2 ki dump chahy shukria 03443538427

  148. Avatar Of

    ns8888 ka software send karo

  149. Avatar Of Khan

    hnt 260s3-b 20130318

  150. Avatar Of Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad khan

    I need Star Track 550 Gold new dump file i try Star X (GS26301AC) Through Programmer but its not working its stop on red line. Board Image is same as Star X file. Please help

  151. Avatar Of

    hello vision fun pro+ dump files pls ?

  152. Avatar Of Luquesio

    ello need the flash bin for box onleny dvb s2 stb board jnmb_1506t_av2018_dccxtv_ver1.1

  153. Avatar Of Khuram Shahzad
    khuram Shahzad

    Assalam o alikum Shah G Please upload MM3_Su1506G_DSZ_v1.1 backup file. yeh kahin se bhi nai mil rahi ap last hope ap hain please isy arraingb kr k upload kar dain
    Dua gou

  154. Avatar Of Farid Shawki

    Dear sir
    plz i need loader and dump files for technosat ts-6
    chip model :gx3201
    board type : dvbs-6605

  155. Avatar Of Jaffer

    Sir I need tiger t245 HD pc loader and dump file
    would you please upload 4 m

    • Avatar Of Oluwaseun

      Hello kazmi elecom, pls I want u to assist me on how I can find compatible software for any sunplus receiver
      Here in my country we don’t usually receive software support and updates from manufacturer

  156. Avatar Of Abdalla Elhadad
    Abdalla Elhadad

    I have Solo 999hd with 1506t sunplus and it is dead after being updated to latest firmware … i tried to flash the original soft using rs232 but it stopped and saying no such id stamp … any solution please

  157. Avatar Of

    sar MM1-AVL1506T-WJX-V1.3 PLZ SEND BIN

  158. Avatar Of Shahzaib Abbasi
    Shahzaib abbasi

    Bhi tiger t8 t8high class v2 load py ruka hua ha

  159. Avatar Of Ali

    asalam o alekum sir how r u? sir mere pas EL 5410 HD 1506C DDR2 AV2018 V1.3 hai aor red light indication problem hai main ne is main EL 5410 DDR2 AV2018 V1.4 ki dump file bazareha usb ki hai but still red light blinking!how to solve this problem plz help me sir

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      w.salam dear pehli bat to yeh k red light pe aya kese? dosra yeh k dump usb se nai hoti. apko loader ya programmer se karni hogi agar software ka he issue hy to. mazeed guidance k liey forum page pe post kar den

  160. Avatar Of Shaani

    Sir please upload HSP06GS0-2-8 fretek freedom 1 flash.

  161. Avatar Of

    Kazmi sahib first of all i would like to appreciate the srvices you are providing us sir i’m in need of latest software for my sat track receiver board is S1506c thanks brother will be obliged alit for your quick response

  162. Avatar Of Abdussalam Khan
    Abdussalam Khan

    Assalam o alaikum
    Kazmi Sahib
    Newmax 771 hd pvr Kay liye konsa loader use hoga?

    Aur laser st- 550 hd Kay liye konsa loader use hoga?


  163. Avatar Of Plz

    BS-GX6605-ZB-IE software 2019 free download
    is ka link baj dhan plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  164. Avatar Of Ali

    I need MM1-AVL 1506T -WJX _V1.3
    Damp file
    Kindly help

  165. Avatar Of Azam

    i needed ecolink EI 7000 next hd 4k dump file

  166. Avatar Of Umedh

    Har gn410 v1.4 bord me kon sa software milega solid se dusra

  167. Avatar Of Bilal

    Kazmi Sir,
    Micromax mm-e73hd usb pvr
    ic = ALi m3601s
    Board Number = 019-hd-Av2012-fd650-rca-1-Al-V1.0
    Is Reciver ki Dump file Chehye.

  168. Avatar Of Saghir

    hello bro i want the software of the Smartsat SM-710 Mini HD please someone have posted and email me sgrsdd@hotmail.com

  169. Avatar Of Aamir

    Bhai jab main receiver me koi bhi software install karta Hon to aik error show hota Hai “Error OCCURE” pls solve my problem. Hardware (203.00.017)

  170. Avatar Of Abdullah Khan


  171. Avatar Of Abdullah Khan


  172. Avatar Of Karim

    sir aslam alaikum aap ki site jo bhi softwere download krta wo damaged file batata hai

  173. Avatar Of Lance

    Hi, I need the eeprom dump for the Dmyco D4Spro

  174. Avatar Of Abdullah Tariq
    Abdullah Tariq

    1506c ddr2 av 1.8v ki dump file

  175. Avatar Of Ijk80

    need gospell box software update with usb or tcp ip

  176. Avatar Of Asim Javaid

    Aoa kami bhai
    Manay app kee bohat videos daikee jiss say mujay bohat maloomat milli aur confidence Mila ka MA bee apna receiver repair ker sakta ha mujay apnay reciver kee dump file nahee mil rahee kindly upload ker day bohat meherbani ho gee maray reciver ka board ka number ya ha
    SPHE1506_DRII v1. 3 2014-11-16
    Kindly mension ker day agher ya file upload phallay sau upload hojukki ha

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      w.salam dear table k oper search ki option hy wohan just SPHE likh kar check kar len agar nai milta to board ki picture share karen Forum page pe

  177. Avatar Of Bido

    Please sir dump MM1 AVL 1506T ADC WJX V1.1

  178. Avatar Of Ouni

    Dear all

    Please help me to find the dump of New Box ED-Smart-T2 ; it is a TNT Receiver I do a mistake by installing a dump of a satellite receiver New Box 777 , so the menu and the remote control functions have chaged ; I do Factory reset and it still in the satellite receiver Menu ; please help me to find the dump of theNew Box ED-Smart-T2 , it is a chinese receiver .

  179. Avatar Of Ouni

    Dear ALL ;

    Please i need the Dump of TNT receiver ” New Box ED-Smart-T2 ” , it is a chinese receiver . Thank you

  180. Avatar Of Rahat Khan

    sphe 1506c_v1.5 file konsa chalega bahi jaan

  181. Avatar Of Farhan

    NEOSAT I-5000 Made in Korea without sim card
    Board GS3301DF 20150130

    Sw v 1.74 dated 14.08.2015

    software type bin file size more then 10 mb
    Need software tandberg/powevu option not avialble

  182. Avatar Of Irfan Ahmed

    Sir muje oswal Ka set top box dead huwa hai…….Me185-gtech888- v1.1.0
    Muje dump file dedo ….ya recovery file….my whatsapp no. Is +919906602071

  183. Avatar Of Ashfaque

    sir echolink 2020 champion red light problem he bhai please help kar do

  184. Avatar Of Mohammed Ayub
    Mohammed Ayub

    Bhai Jaan mere paas Solid ka HD S2 9999 set-top box hai, uska cline menue main jane ka kya tariqa hai, Plz batain.

  185. Avatar Of Jeet Biswal

    mere pass WG 8880 box he. us me wrong software load hogaya he . display me mechian otp id illage display ho ra he to phir me kiya karu ??? remot aur manul switch not working

  186. Avatar Of

    Star-X X1 HD Ali M3510C unactivated! error after software. Unactivated, Please connect network. Please give solution.

  187. Avatar Of Myheaven

    sir i need software board MM1 GX6605S WJX V1.2

  188. Avatar Of Muhannad

    sir i need DUMP File for RECEIVER istrong 7070 HD 3D

  189. Avatar Of

    can you give pagaria 7070 dump file or can you tell me which one is suitable for pagaria 7070 2019 september relase version ?

  190. Avatar Of Baur

    Super Openbox 777CA+

  191. Avatar Of Oluwaseun

    Sir strongest 9800a board type sphe 1506g _ddr11 box v1.3 red light and load solution

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      if dead by wrong software then rewrite flash otherwise check board voltage

    • Avatar Of Oluwaseun

      Thanks kazmielecom for ur quick response, the issues now is that I don’t have the original dump file but the receiver share the same board ID with echolink EL2020, can i use this file instead of the original file

  192. Avatar Of Isaacchaaba

    Looking for dump file for quality digital combo decoder

  193. Avatar Of Eduardo Alberto Avila Perez

    HUAWEI DS-360
    ZTE ZXV10 B710S

  194. Avatar Of Oluwaseun

    Hi kazmi elecom, pls I upgraded 1506g SCC to SCB3 after 4 step upgrage my box can’t detect WiFi again and try to rewrite flash to downgrade from that version I could not do it pls help me

  195. Avatar Of Naeem Ahmed

    Kazmi Bhai
    meray pass stb box ji ka board number GX3201H_ABV_V1.2 ka firmware chaheye.
    System Information main ye likha tha
    Hardware version E4000002
    Software version
    Loader Version 0.3.3
    STB Model hBox-2C

  196. Avatar Of Kamran Bajwa

    I want to know the loader for Lazer 500 HD ( stw- hd-972 v1.2)

  197. Avatar Of Abdul Hamid

    Sir gx6101d-5815 ki flash file ml salty hay

  198. Avatar Of Aman

    sir mi wg210 ka update chaheyea sir meri mail id par send kar do sir jaipaltrehan_71@gmail.com

  199. Avatar Of James L Walker
    James L Walker


  200. Avatar Of Mehboob Ali

    Sir Tiger T8 mini ultra ka dump file 16 mb ni mel rha plz help

  201. Avatar Of Sarmad Tariq

    Sir kindly Upload the firmware of reciever with board id : 2PE8947-1

  202. Avatar Of Salman Sahiwal
    salman sahiwal

    sir agr flash ic ki memory zeada ho and file ya downloaded software ka size km ho to bhi chip main write ho skta hai, koi issue to nhn ?

  203. Avatar Of Jewel

    salam bro
    i need gx6605c dump and a tutorial – my Receiver totally dead.
    Goldsat DX-777HD, motherboard – gx6605c – v1.0

  204. Avatar Of

    m3105d av2012 v1.1

  205. Avatar Of Rahman

    Bhaijaan , mere pas nk6605s v2.3 wala box hai usme hd channels nhi chl paa rha hai…..agr aap kuch madd

  206. Avatar Of Isaac

    looking for firmware board# hst1156-8001-01(D) chipset M88CS8051T

  207. Avatar Of Techall

    i want 25q128cs16 eeprom software for receiver

  208. Avatar Of Hamid

    salam alaykom
    could you help me to find update for acom strong r12
    dvbs2_GXS6605_mini-36cp v1.1
    its have 25L3206e and ram

  209. Avatar Of Karim

    Hi Please i need frimware for :-

    e strong 4933
    SP1506G HS1017 V1.1

    Please help

  210. Avatar Of Debmallya Chowdhury

    Please upload TL-6605J-V3.0 SET TOP BOX SOFTWARE.

  211. Avatar Of Anonymous

    Hi my Snr Colleagues,Please help me with how to create this dump files.And here in Ghana we have especially my place we deal with Strongs,Redline Elegance,master Decoders….etc .I was trying to flash one of my Strong decoder but my ch341a says file length is beyond range.Please help a brother…Thank U n God bless u all.

  212. Avatar Of Isaac


  213. Avatar Of

    Life star 9300 One USB HD

  214. Avatar Of Firuz

    Hi bros
    i need Ivoom ah707 dump file please helpme

  215. Avatar Of Vernon

    Good day

    I need the dump file for TP.HV510.PC822 JVC 55″ SMART TV
    Please if you can help tv stuck on wisdom share screen

  216. Avatar Of Vidmar Laurente
    vidmar laurente


  217. Avatar Of Sunil

    Plz help sir . I have gx6605s box . By mistake maine rda5815m _v1.3 …4m/512mbsdram kar liya hai.. ab koi aur software nahi ho raha hai .. plz koi dump file ya koi solution de do..

  218. Avatar Of Zulfiquar Ali

    mm1 avl1506t Adc wjx v 1.1 2017 09 22
    sir is Board ka Dump flash File milga .

  219. Avatar Of Syed Hassan Wajdan
    syed hassan wajdan

    bai i can need gx 6605s hw v 203.00.017 reciver dump file

  220. Avatar Of

    hi i need flash dump grandsat gs2-812-gx6605c-ver1.0

  221. Avatar Of Wali

    Sir, I need the following software:

    qt526lp v2.3 / qt517w v2.1


  222. Avatar Of Carlos Plaza

    Hello, good morning.
    Could you help me please. I have a kraken AZ1 satellite receiver and the display shows VER0144. This happened when I scanned the satellite channels and the screen went black. I tried to pass a ROM that I found on the internet through a USB stick but it does not install. I really don’t know if it is the right one.
    I tried to connect through a tool via RS232, but I couldn’t do it either. I think it is a software problem and I think it is still recoverable. Can you please advise me on what to do?

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      programming tool is the last solution. read/save the original and keep it as a backup and then write the flash

  223. Avatar Of M Yaseen Bukhari
    M yaseen Bukhari

    Asalam alaikum sir gospell set top box ka dump software mil jaiga

  224. Avatar Of Rajab Ali

    Assalamualaikum sir. GX6605S-S17030(190419) board ke liye dump file bohat dhoonda but nhi mila Receiver pe ON likha hua aa rha is se aage nhi barh rha if you can help or suggest anything to solve this matter then please…

  225. Avatar Of Mubashir

    Assalamualaikum sir MM3-su1506g-dsz-v1.1 board ka liye dump file nhi mila

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      w.salam dear second table me serial number 623 pe hy. kam na bane to phir ap mujhe board ki pic aur receiver k model ki pic whatsapp karen

  226. Avatar Of Erick

    buenos dias saludos alguien tendra el programa huawei ds363 upgrade desencriptor tool gracias.

  227. Avatar Of Dhanendra Bisen
    Dhanendra Bisen

    Hi, Your website help me a lot, Thank you so much. I need Solid 6600 set top box new software update BIN file, updated on 27 September 2022, which is showing in solid website . Please help.

  228. Avatar Of Muhammad Tanvir
    Muhammad Tanvir

    i have SR9990 Magic receiver
    i tried to up grade the software but went on red light
    solution please

  229. Avatar Of Kyeyune Ibrahim
    Kyeyune ibrahim

    hello i have this decoder pauxis px-888 i want to have forever server on it? is it possible ?

  230. Avatar Of Manoj Kumar

    sir , mujhe gospell gl7020 hd set top box ka software chahiye, agar na mile to koi aur software daal sakte hai kya ?

  231. Avatar Of Ahmed

    Zinwall Receiver model ZDS3000 v1.3
    Ka software chayee
    Receiver ka password nhe lagta sub try keya

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