HANISTAR X20 PRO Dump File Free Download

HANISTAR X20 PRO Satellite Receiver

HANISTAR X20 PRO dump file or Flash file is a boot information data with software/program of a satellite receiver which is located at EEPROM or Flash IC or Memory IC of the receiver. The main processor/Microcontroller retrieves the information from memory when it is powered on to know how to work/boot. If fail to get the boot information then it may stuck on the power/red light or boot logo screen.

If the Flash IC/Memory IC of the HANISTAR X20 PRO receiver is damaged for any reason or Its software/firmware malfunctions due to any reason then the Main Controller does not get any boot/basic information and the satellite receiver does not turn on. In this situation, we need to reprogram the flash ic with the matched hardware dump/flash file to get the receiver in normal condition. The dump file of HANISTAR X20 PRO is given below for technician/user support.

Hanistar X20 Pro

Information and Specifications:

Manufacturer: HANISTAR

Box Model: X20 PRO

Main Board:

Main Controller or Chipset:

Box Type: Digital

Flash Type: SPI SOP8/SOIC8

Flash Size: 4 Mb

Software Type: Backup Dump

Software Size: Mb

Download File Format: ZIP

Download Type: Free


All the pictures and specification details related to the HANISTAR X20 PRO receiver in this post are for reference only. If you are a user and do not have any repair experience, it is better to visit the nearest technician first without installing the Flash Dump File. Sometimes, the fault is different based on the visual observations. So, please do not try it at home.

HANISTAR X20 PRO Receiver Version Upgrade:

Please note that the installed version in this board is the final version to operate the receiver normally. Mostly the manufacturer releases updates to fix the bugs in the previous version or adds some new features and applications for customer satisfaction and smooth working of the receiver. So, keep in mind to always save the backup of channels and TPs first. Keep the receiver connected with UPS while updating the new software version. Always follow the given instructions while upgrading to avoid any issues:

  • First of all, choose the appropriate version of the matching software upgrade
  • Connect the receiver or STB box with an Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Save the backup of the flash file first to use it later if necessary
  • Keep the customized channel data
  • Get all the TPs or satellite list backup data


There are many advantages to installing the given HANISTAR X20 PRO receiver USB software or flash dump file. A few benefits are described below:

  • The dead receiver can be recovered and operational by loading the given Flash Dump File
  • STB Remote and Logo may change at your own choice
  • Money saving instead of changing the mainboard
  • Time-saving instead of arranging a new board
  • The customer satisfaction to do an urgent job by installing the flash file


There may be some disadvantages to installing the given HANISTAR X20 PRO receiver USB software or flash dump file. A few drawbacks are described below:

  • The working receiver may go to the standby position or dead
  • The Original Remote Control may not work and the Logo may change by writing the given Flash File
  • All the channel data and TPs data may washed


Below given the HANISTAR X20 PRO receiver software is a backup dump file and can be loaded with a Programming tool or with a Loader tool in the dead receiver or can be upgraded SPI Flsh Memory or downgraded to the older version in the normally working satellite receiver with the USB Upgrade procedure or by the RS232 Upgrade Tool. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the software. Always keep a backup file before loading the USB software or writing SPI flash memory.


HANISTAR X20 PRO dump file for free download.

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