How to Load Firmware

How to Load Firmware

Firmware Installation Guide

How to Load Firmware. Firmware is a software/program or set of instructions written/designed in a machine language that can run or command hardware. Here in this post, we will discuss LCD/LED TV Software/Firmware. How to Load Firmware, how to install firmware, and why we need this. Following are some points when we need to install the software. After reading this post you will be able to flash the firmware easily. So, you must read the post to know How to Load Firmware.

  • New board Installation as per your requirement
  • When need to change the resolution/remote control
  • If the program is malfunctioning
  • Red light board when software corrupts or stops working. Non-Smart TVs only
  • Logo Stuck in case of Android/Smart TV

How To Load Firmware

What things are necessary to install the flash program or software:

  • USB Disk or Pen drive Formatted to FAT32
  • Required software/firmware/program/flash file/bin file etc
  • Always save/keep a backup of old Flash before installing new program/software

Please keep in mind when loading/installing firmware:

  • Check the size of the software whether it is a dump file or a USB boot program
  • The dump file size is always the same as the size of a flash ic. For example, a 4MB flash has a dump file of 4MB (4096KB)
  • And if the software is a USB upgrade then its size will be less than 4MB
  • The dump file or backup file can be loaded by a programmer or USB upgrade method in the setting when the TV is working
  • Always use a USB2 slot for firmware installation where available
  • Always use branded and empty FAT32 Pen drive
  • The firmware size of smart/android is more than 100 Mbs while non-smart software size will be 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb, etc
  • Always transfer bin files with some text files to Pen drive without any Folder or ZIP file
  • Always check the ROM/RAM capacity before loading firmware
  • Always check the Remote Control and Logo information before loading the firmware
  • Do Not Turn it Off during software installation.

Firmware/Bin Name:

  • The board manufacturer develops the software with a specific name for each board. Some examples are given below
  • Do not rename the original bin name for non-smart board firmware
  • In the case of smart/android firmware, you can rename the Reference number like REF48 to SOS for universal boot
  • The backup dump file name can be renamed or written as you wish but better to write it as board name or TV brand name/model

How To Install Software

Firmware/Bin Extension:

The file extension is the file type name that is written at the end of the file. The following extensions you will find in firmware files:

.bin, .img, .pkg

The file extension name may be different. it depends on the developer and how it packs the firmware files.

Steps For Installation in Non-Smart Board:

  1. Transfer the required bin file to a formatted FAT32 USB disk
  2. Connect IR/Keypad with Board
  3. Connect the USB disk with the TV Board while the board is powered OFF
  4. Now Power on the switch. The LED light indicator starts flashing automatically (color does not matter)
  5. Wait to stop flashing the LED light. in some cases led flashing speed increased when completed
  6. Remove the USB disk and release the standby
  7. Done
  8. Note. No Screen display during the software installation process in non-smart or universal TV boards

Steps For Installation in Smart/Android Board:

  1. Transfer the required bin file to a formatted FAT32 USB disk
  2. Connect IR/Keypad with Board
  3. Connect the USB disk with the TV Board USB-2 Slot while the board is powered OFF
  4. Now go through the following:

Method-1 How to Load Firmware:

  • Switch ON the TV and wait for Auto Boot
  • Installation progress will be displayed on the screen
  • After Completion, Switch off the TV and again Power it ON

Method-2 How to Load Firmware:

  • Press the power/standby button and Switch it ON. Hold the key until the screen displays the installation progress
  • After Completion, Switch off the TV and again Power it ON

Method-3 How to Load Firmware:

  • Press the VOL+/VOL- Key and Switch it ON. Hold the key until the screen displays the installation progress
  • After Completion, Switch off the TV and again Power it ON

Method-4 How to Load Firmware:

  • Switch ON the TV then Press the Power/standby key to release standby and immediately press and hold the VOL+/VOL- key
  • USB will boot and then release the key
  • After Completion, Switch off the TV and again Power it ON

Method-5 How to Load Firmware:

  • Remove the TV plug from Electricity and connect the pen drive to the TV USB socket
  • Plug in the TV to Electricity release the standby from the remote and immediately press and hold the power key in the Remote until you get the Software upgrading popup
  • Wait till the TV reboots the Home page


  1. The software can be installed without a screen/panel
  2. Some boards do not need to switch off after complete installation
  3. Some boards just need to standby release after completion of the software
  4. Some boards do not have any screen display installation progress bar. so, in this case, just follow the LED light flashing
  5. If you are new and do not have enough knowledge of loading or installing software/firmware or dumping files then visit your nearest service center first. Kazmi Elecom team is not responsible in case of any damage or loss.

Led Tv Software Update

BIN Name with BOARD Name:
  • T.R85.031          YDG.8501.bin
  • T.R83.031          YDG.8503.bin
  • T.VST59.031      bin_v59.bin
  • T.VST29.031      MSTFLASH.bin
  • TP.VST59S.PB781      bin_v59s.bin
  • TP.MT5510S.PB782           allupgrade_5510_8G_1G_ref75
  • HK.T.RT2841P631              install.img
  • T.MT5510S.82                    allupgrade_5522_8G_1G.pkg
  • T.HV553.81                         allupgrade_v553_8G_1G.bin
  • T.HV510.81                         allupgrade_v510_1G_100.bin
  • TP.MS628.PC821              allupgrade628_45
  • TP.AND_TERM.PB818   allupgrade_and_term_MAX57.pkg
  • 4704-m608t9-a5233k01 MstarUpgrade.bin
  • CV960XH-A50                  aml_upgrade_package.img
  • CV338H-A42                      CtvUpgrade.bin
  • TP.MS338.PB801              allupgrade_msd338
  • P50-338TV5.0                   messi.bin
  • P65-358TV6.0                   MST358O.bin
  • P50-368V5.0                     MTK368P.bin
  • VS.SP35851 MSD6A358AXG VS_S358XX.bin
  • VS.SP35851 MSD6A358ATG VS_S358AT.bin

Questions and Answers (Q&A) How to Load Firmware:

Q. When I tried to upgrade 1% says upgrading error!!?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q: Does USB size matter?

A: No, USB size does not matter. But the file system must be FAT32.

Q. During Firmware Installation, it said “loading data 1%” and stuck?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q. I have started booting the television but it’s showing only 1% loading data and not moving at all?

A. Memory Size (RAM/ROM) Mismatch. Load appropriate firmware.

Q. I am trying to load firmware but the USB disk does not boot.

A. Make sure, the USB disk is FAT32 formatted and empty. Otherwise, change the USB disk

Q. kabhi 41 Percent pe Stuck ho jata hy or LCD restart ho Jati hy. Or kabhi 60% pe Upgrading error aa jata hy?

A. Change the USB Disk or Pen drive

Q. My smart LED TV is on Red light. Should I install firmware?

A. No. Hardware Issue.

Q. Should I load the firmware first and then the resolution file?

A. No, the firmware and resolution files are the same. just install it as per your panel resolution

Q. Screen displays an Upgrade Error during software installation. what should I do?

A. Change the Pen drive or USB disk.

Q. Non-Smart TV hang on Logo. what should I do?

A. Clean the System IC or rewrite the firmware.

Q. Non-Smart TV is on Red Light only. what should I do?

A. First, check all board voltage. If found ok then write firmware.

Q. Smart LED TV, when powered on it is restarting continuously without display?

A. Check the Main Board Power Supply.

Q. Firmware not loading even the red light blinks. what should I do?

A. Make sure the bin files are in a USB disk without any folder. USB disk or Program may also not be compatible.

Q. After the Software, TV On, Sound comes but the display screen blue, green, red, and white colors. What should I do?

A. Resolution mismatch. check panel resolution then load proper firmware.

Q. I am Unable to Load Firmware by USB Ped Drive 3.0. Why?

A. Most TVs do not boot by USB 3.0 Pendrive. So, Use 2.0 Pendrive FAT32 Only.

For Video tutorials visit my YouTube channel “Kazmi Elecom

How to Load Firmware

How to Load Firmware

How to Load Firmware

How to Load Firmware

How to Load Firmware


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      try again by loading the correct software according to board specs

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