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A Network Video Recorder is a programmed computer device that supports CCTV IP Cameras and Records their Video Data in Digital format on a storage device like Hrad Disk Drive, USB Flash Drive, or SD Memory card.

The program or Software that is also called the Firmware of the device may sometimes corrupt or be affected by bugs due to some reason that causes the NVR not to be functional. In this situation, we need to get back the device functional by loading its genuine software/firmware by the programming tool. So, Here is below the collection of some of NVR’s Firmware files for free download that may be very helpful for all.


1Firmware_NBD7816T-FS (V4.02.R11.00000113)Download
2Firmware_NBD7904R-FS (V4.02.R11.00000122)Download
3Firmware_NBD7804R-F (V4.02.R11.00000124)Download
4Firmware_NBD7908T-Q (V4.02.R11.00000125)Download
5NBD7904T-PL Firmware_(V4.02.R11.00000128)Download
6Firmware_NBD7904T-Q (V4.02.R11.00000127)Download
7Firmware_NBD7904T-P (V4.02.R11.00000129)Download
8Firmware_NBD8004T-QT (V4.02.R11.00000130)Download
9Firmware_NBD8016H-Q (V4.02.R11.00000143)Download
10Firmware_NBD8008T-Q (V4.02.R11.00000141)Download
11Firmware_NBD6516H-PL (V4.02.R11.00000076)Download
12Firmware_NBD6508H-PL (V4.02.R11.00000075)Download
13Firmware_NBD6516H-P (V4.02.R11.00000072)Download
14NBD6908T-PL Firmware_(V4.02.R11.00000104)Download
15Firmware_NBD6904Q-FS (V4.02.R11.00000105)Download
16Firmware_NBD7816T-F (V4.02.R11.00000109)Download
17Firmware_NBD7024H-P (V4.02.R11.00000107)Download
18Firmware_NBD7804T-F (V4.02.R11.00000118)Download
19Firmware_NBD7808T-PL (V4.02.R11.00000119)Download
20Firmware_NBD7008T-PL (V4.02.R11.00000121)Download
21Firmware_NBD6904T-F (V4.02.R11.00000098)Download
22Firmware_NBD6808T-PL (V4.02.R11.00000099)Download
23Firmware_NBD6516H-G (V4.02.R11.00000089)Download
24Firmware_NBD6516T-F (V4.02.R11.00000088)Download
25Firmware_NBD6704T-F (V4.02.R11.00000085)Download
26Firmware_NBD6308T-PL (V4.02.R11.00000083)Download
27Firmware_NBD5504T-FE (V4.00.R10.00000058)Download

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  1. Avatar Of Peter Pawluk

    I have an Owsoo 4 channel model TW-7004NVR recorder with a Hi3520 (software version, hardware version 1.0.0) chip. My current problem is the unit does not recognize the Hitachi Enterprise hard drive I installed, brand new. It will see the hard drive when I connect it via USB with an external case with the hard drive in it and I am able to format it. I connected this hard drive to my desktop computer and it sees it and it is formatted, put it back in NVR and still does’t see the drive. I have been back and forth with the supplier and they even said the hard drive should have been recognized. I tried to have them send me a link for a firmware upgrade to see if that would fix my problem, they just don’t understand. Would you have a firmware upgrade for this chip? Thank you in advance.

  2. Avatar Of Alvin Llanera
    Alvin Llanera

    Can i install it on my old MC NVR model MDW-NE04HF? it runs in syslinux 6.02 EDD now corrupted.

  3. Avatar Of Khaled

    Maybe firmwaer xvr-v400-8ch-v1.1

  4. Avatar Of Drugwash

    got a shoddy NVR device back from a friend, it’s a local branding (PNI Romania) but the board is chinese as most if not all others out there. It’s been bought brand new from the store and he didn’t even mount a HDD in it. I mounted an 80GB drive in it for test purposes; it’s on second input not first, if it matters – physical issues with the cables.

    Problem is, it doesn’t record anything on motion detection, the Region setting window doesn’t open for any channel, and the Encode window also doesn’t open – showing just a NoConfig messagebox. However, it does record manually, but this just defeats the purpose.

    The firmware is 4.02.R11.34531119.12001. Here is a picture of the board inside; note the main chip has a cooler stuck on top so can’t say what model it is:

    It would be great if there were a firmware update for this device, or some method to access the OS and try to fix whatever there may be broken.
    I have not (yet) tried a reset from the menu because the setup was a pain, and it’d be annoying todo it again, but in the end I may resort to that to see if it fixes anything. Problem is, if the setup got borked so easily once it can happen again at any time, so maybe there’s an improved formware out there that fixes some of these issues.

    Thank you for any recommendation!

  5. Avatar Of Mark

    Hi I’ve got a floureon h264 7008t unit that work fine but now refuses to go past the floureon boot screen then bleeps and has no video signal anyone help or is the unit scrap

  6. Avatar Of Junaid

    Asalam O Alikum ….how r u? i m in a problem or mein hon b saudia mein yahan mein ne 1 client k pass kaam kiya wahan samsung ka nvr PRN 4011N laga howa tha os k firmware ko update kiya restart k bad NVR boot loop mein chala jata hai 2 3 mins bad restart ho jata hai kindly ager ap ko solution bata sakein to it will be so nice of u because ye NVR ab mere gale par jae ga

    • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

      w.salam dear iska backup hy to woh rewrite karen otherwise company support se rabta karen

      • Avatar Of Junaid

        but write kese karon koi option bata sakte hain?

        • Avatar Of Kazmielecom

          programmer se hoga

          • Avatar Of Junaid

            yahan ye kaam ho nhi sakta yahan pr itni maghaz mari koi nhi karta simple keh dete hain replace kr do ye NVR kafi expensive hai mein kahan se is ko replace kar k don client ko sasta hota to banda kr leta hai thori bardasht

  7. Avatar Of Bartus87

    Witam posiadam nvr V4.03R11.345B123D jaka aktualizacje mam pobrac???

    Hello, I have nvr V4.03R11.345B123D what updates should I download???

  8. Avatar Of Vijay

    sir i need DS-7B08HUHI-K1 FLASH BIN DUMP FILE

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