STB Upgrade Loader Tools Free Download

 STB Upgrade Loader Tools

STB Upgrade Loader Tools is a Windows application for loading software/firmware of set-top boxes or satellite dish receiver boxes with the help of an RS232 serial cable. There are different types of upgrade tools or loader tools for various types of Manufacturers. These tools are best for loading software or Dump Files and you can load much software through this tool. For upgrading STB EEPROM you should first know its proper upgrade tool specially developed according to the STB chipset by the manufacturer or developer.

First, you need a data cable called RS232 cable for data transfer and receive. Then connect the cable on one side with STB or satellite receiver and on the other end with a Computer. Now use the STB Upgrade Loader tool to make a connection between sender (Computer) and receiver (STB).

Stb Upgrade Loader Tool


Each chipset used in different Boards has a different loading application tool. So, we have to check the main chip of the STB first to match the appropriate loader application. this application communicates between two devices one is a PC/Laptop and the other is a Receiver Device. For this connectivity, we have to use RS232 Serial Cable. you can watch a video tutorial that how to make an rs232 cable by yourself.

List of STB Upgrade Loader Tools:

  • 20_Upgrade_tool
  • 3612 Upgrade Tool 1.1.08
  • A16-Loader_Tool
  • ALI_Bootloader_Tiger T8 High Class
  • ALI3328 Loader
  • ALI3329 Loader
  • ALI3510 Important Tools
  • ALIMUPG610
  • All In One %2835xx %26 36xx%29 Channel Editor FULL HD Ver 7.95
  • Background Changing Tools ALI35XX-ALI36XX
  • Erom Upgrade For Ali 3601 3606
  • Gx 6605 ToolBox By IK-MR
  • GXDownloader_boot_V1.0.3.2
  • GXDownloader_boot_V1.1.1.2
  • GXDownloader_boot_v1.008
  • Loader AZFOX S3S Recovery
  • Loader HD 6699E 6199E 3058E 3158E
  • Loader Starsat SR-8989 and SR-6969 Vega
  • Loader_TIGER-T800 PLUS
  • Loader-SR-8989HD_Prime upgrade-tool
  • LOGO Changer & Back Viewer
  • Microbox Default Loader for Flash programming
  • Neosat 550 HD Loader
  • New 3510D
  • New AliUpgrade
  • RS232 Upgrade Loader Tool M3510
  • Sky 19 Scorpion Loader
  • SR-8989HD_PRIME_loader
  • Star Track Platnum1 HD Loader
  • StarMax 35xx RS232 Upgrade Tool V4.0.0
  • Starsat Flash Tool
  • Starsat Hyper Tool
  • StarTrack GALAXY II HD_Loader
  • StarTrack HD BOX 1000_Upgrade Loader
  • StarTrack SRT-150 HD_Loader
  • StarTrack SRT-2015 HD PLUS_Loader
  • SX2010_Upgrade tool_3.98a
  • TIGER G550 HD_ Loader
  • Tiger_i400pro_Loader
  • Universal loader 2.0.0b
  • Universal Loader For Ali Chip Upgrade
  • Upgrade Tool Ali3612 By Irshadjan
  • Upgrade Ver 4.0.1
  • Upgrade_1.1.05 ALI3606
  • GX6628 2TUNER_1Gb_DownloadTool
  • Sunplus Loader 1.5.8 with Urdu Guide
  • Dump Protocol.1506C-DDR2.AV2018.V1.6 Ikram_dirujii
  • Erom Upgrade For Ali 3511 By Azhar
  • Erom Upgrade For Ali 3511 By IR
  • GX6621 loader
  • GXDownloader_boot_V1.1.1.2
  • GXDownloader_boot_v1.008
  • Loader SR-2000HD HYPER
  • Loader SR-C10HD-B10HD-S10HD-M20HD & Clon
  • Loader Starsat 2000HD HYPER
  • Sami.maan Loader Starsat 2000HD HYPER
  • SR-2000_HYPER-Loader
  • SR-2000HD EXTREME Loader
  • SR-90000 HD EXTREME Loader
  • Starsat 2000 Extreme Loader
  • Sun Plus Loader 1.5.1 & 1.5.8 By Ikram Dirujii
  • Sun Plus Loader 1.5.1 & 1.5.8 By solangi
  • Sun plus loader v1.5.0.8
  • Sunplus 1506G_C_Upgrade Tool By Irshadjan
  • Sunplus Loader 1.5.8 with Urdu Guide
  • UART Upgrade Tool v2.2.3.113 By Ikram dirujii
  • Upgrade_Twin

    Erom Upgrade Tool


Below are STB Upgrade Loader Tools collected by reliable resources and not all tested. You can upgrade SPI Flsh Memory or downgrade to the older version in the normally working satellite receiver by the RS232 Upgrade Tool. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the software. Always keep a backup before loading or writing SPI flash memory. You should first check the appropriate loader tool for your box then try it.

How to Download:

Download your required STB Upgrade Loader tool and then extract it you will get the folder. In some cases, you should first disable Windows Security Defender to prevent the loader file. For More Details about the download process, watch the video Click Here

STB Upgrade Loader Tools for Free Download:

Download Button Kazmi Elecom

SR. No.Name of Loader Tool
Download Link
Sunplus Loader
Download1506, 1507
2Sunplus Loader
Download1506, 1507
3ALI 3510c Loader
v 2.2.0
4ALI 3511 Loader
v 2.0.1 12.2009
DownloadSR-2000HD Hyper
5GX6621 Loader+Dump
v 1.00
DownloadSR-2000HD Extreme
6ALI3606 Loaderv 11.2010Download
7GX6628 Loader+Dump
v 1.00
DownloadSR90000HD Extreme
8ALI RS232 Upgrade Tool
v 1.2.0 03.2012
DownloadSR-2000HD Hyper
9GXD Loader
v 1.010
10Multi Tool Box 2018
By Azhar&Shahid
Ali Upgrade Tool

12UART Upgrade Tool
13STB EROM Upgrade
v 2.0.0c 05.2009
DownloadSRT-2016 Extra
14ALI3602 Loaderv 1.1.08Download
15GX Multi Loader V1.117Download
16SR-B10-C10-S10-M20HDv 2.1.0 02-2013DownloadStarsat & Clone
18ALI3510 Logo ChangerBy IKDownload
19Starmax 35xx Loaderv4.0.0 03-2015DownloadA100-A20-X20
20Universal Toolbox By Shahid AliDownload
21Background Changing Tools ALI35XX-ALI36XXDownload
25Hex WorksopDownload
26Loader Starsat SR-8989 and SR-6969 VegaDownloadSR-8989 and SR-6969 Vega
27LOGO Changer & Back ViewerDownload
29RS232 Upgrade Loader Tool M3510Download M3510
333612 Upgrade Tool 1.1.08Download
35ALI_Bootloader_Tiger T8 High ClassDownload
36ALI3328 LoaderDownload
37ALI3329 LoaderDownload
40All In One %2835xx %26 36xx%29 Channel Editor FULL HD Ver 7.95Download
41Erom Upgrade For Ali 3601 3606Download
42Multi Toolbox by IKV2.0Download
44Loader AZFOX S3S RecoveryDownload
45Loader HD 6699E 6199E 3058E 3158EDownload
46Loader_TIGER-T800 PLUSDownload
47Starmax RS232 LoaderV7Download
48Microbox Default Loader for Flash programmingDownload
49Neosat 550 HD LoaderDownload
50New Ali UpgradeDownload
51Sky 19 Scorpion LoaderDownload
52Star Track Platinum1 HD LoaderDownload
53Starsat Flash ToolDownload
54StarTrack GALAXY II HD_LoaderDownload
55StarTrack HD BOX 1000_Upgrade LoaderDownload
56StarTrack SRT-2015 HD PLUS_LoaderDownload
57SX2010_Upgrade tool_3.98aDownload
58Universal Loader 2.0.0bDownload
59Universal Loader For Ali Chip UpgradeDownload
60Upgrade 2.0.0b MPG4DownloadALI M3105D
61Upgrade Tool Ali3612Download
62Upgrade Ver 4.0.1Download
63Upgrade_1.1.05 ALI3606Download
65StarTrack SRT-150 HD_LoaderDownload
66TIGER G550 HD_ LoaderDownload
67ALI3510 EROM UpgradeV
68Tiger T3000 Extra 4KDownloadTiger 4k
69Gx6605 Tool BoxBy Ikram DirujiiDownloadGX6605
70Starsat Hyper ToolBy Ikram DirujiiDownloadSR-2000HD Hyper
71ALI3510 Important ToolsBy Ikram DirujiiDownloadALI3510
73Stb Loader All In OneBy Ikram DirujiiDownload
74SUNPLUS 4Mb&8MbBy X TeamDownload
76Sunplus Loader v 1.05.09V1.05.09Download
77Sunplus Loader V
78SR-2100 HYPER LoaderDownload
79SR-3020 HD LOADERDownload
80SR-90000 HD EXTREME LoaderDownload
811506TV Loader V1.6.3.9Download1506TV
82Ali 36xxx_RS232_Upgrade_ToolV1.2.0Download
83ALI Mini Upgrade Ali3602V7.0DownloadAli3602
84StarSat_SR-98HD Prime_M3510CDownloadM3510C
85StarSat SR-X95 USB MEGADownload
86Starsat SR-2200HD LoaderDownload
87Starsat SR-2000 HD ACE LoaderDownload
88Starsat Extreme 2000 loaderV
89Star Track Platnum1 HD LoaderDownload
90All Mediastar LoaderV2.3Download
91MediaStar ALI Loader V2.0Download
94GX6605s Loader With New BootV1.031Download
95Gx6605s Loader V1.21Download
96Gx Loader V 1.32V1.32Download

Video Tutorial:


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    will the problem be solved by flashing the ROM BIOS file???

    can channels from all over the world be included in the decoder?

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    M3503 CHIPSET ALI3510E Where can I find your software?


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    I have redroid s100 but its know on boot on upgrade software then power is gone off

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    Please sir i need starcom hd 8383ca loader to recover my dead receiver box.
    SW version v1001
    Bootloader 20160414m
    Maincode 000721R258
    Radilogo 00000001
    Default DB 00000001
    Serial Number 04488d96000068a4
    Mac Address aabb000068a4
    Order Number 1000 0
    Model Number HD DVB

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    I want the loader for the ALI M3501 CLAA chip, PLEASE SHARE ME,

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    loader and software pls

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    Watsup par bejo
    03322424026 plz

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    Boa Noite.
    Alguém tem loader de recovery para Evolution boxcs10
    Não encontrei.
    Temos os aparelhos em cs e parou de funcionar ao colocar a att 2.26 voltou a funcionar mas agora aparece uma mensagem na tela, onde não é possivel tirar. Por isso precisamos fazer recovery para tentar tirar.

    Aguardo retornos.

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    sir Mstar nano ka loader , for Changong ch8501 set top box..

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    hola a todos saludos hay algun programa para actualizar los decodificadores de CANTV venezuela los zte a31 y los zte a34 por cable usb uart ttl se los agradesco.

  102. Avatar Of Erick

    buen dia señor kami tengo unos ZXV10 B710S2-A31 Y OTRO ZXV10 B710S2-A34 que estan pegado por sofware en load y no los puedo actualizar por usb solo por cable ttl uart pero no consigo el programa que me lo lea para poder pasarle el ABS agradesco de su ayuda

  103. Avatar Of Erick

    cual es el programador el ttl no me va a servir gracias

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    lla busque en google pero en realidad no encuentro informacion cualquier programador me sirve

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    Please, who owns the gm8287 tool program, provide it to us, and thank you very much
    The program is used to program DVR Bios DUMP devices
    The name of the program is GM8287 tool oct.15.2013

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    I need a loader for SR-5090 HD EXTREME

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    Assalam o laikum dear kazmi mere pass premium hd 12800 plus 4k rec he m uska software kr rhe tha beach m light chali gaey pakistan he na ab boot option aa rha he doston update.bin magwaya file lekin wo be usb se nhi ho rha kindly uska dump file or loader konsa lena hoga plz plz plz kesse m boot wala problem solve kron mujhe wait rahega plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Need loader Tiger T20 razer v3 but on screen no cn or wrong sw

  113. Avatar Of Oumassalaz

    hi i need loader for 7 star 8080 hd please

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